Wishful Thinking

Sam, Dean, & Castiel from CW's Supernatural

Simple and sweet, for Christmas,  I just want to state, Santa, I want Sam and Dean (Padalecki and Ackles) with a bow around them in my living room on Christmas Day, but sadly, this is reality and we have to wake up. Plus, I do really love my husband.  However, just as the husband has eye candy, I and you ladies do too… as well as our gorgeous gay male friends as well.  *wink*

Supernatural is short of hot divas but full of spicy men.  In seriousness, ask yourself – what do we want to give to our Supernatural brethren for Christmas?

Santa, take notes!

  1. How about give Sammy his soul back? Whether he wants it or not.  We really miss and like cute, cuddly,  kind Sammy. My gal friend also requests a haircut – this is a debatable wish.
  2. Our boy Dean. How about a surprise Hawaiian vacay. (We can pack for him and “accidentally” leave out any shirts.) Give the dood a break, will ya?
  3. Castiel – Our fine, feathered friend. How about some new clothes? Is it so hard to ask an angel to change his wardrobe. How about gifting God’s little helper with a white t-shirt and some well-fitting (cough) jeans.

What do you ladies and gentlemen out there think? Have any Christmas wish lists for your favorite Supernatural characters?



3 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. Nice! Giving our boys a gift hmmm…. I’ll have to think about what I’d give. I’ll see if my FB SN gal pals would like to also get into the gift-giving spirit.

    And just for the record, I prefer non-soul Sam. But then again, you know me, I like boys with an edge. hehe

    Dean – What to get him? The vacation sounds like a great idea. We all know how much he needs one. I think a big lazy boy with a cooler built-in, stocked with his favourite beer, and back massager coupled with a wide screen tv so he can sit, relax and watch the game with his best buds without a care in the world.

    Sam – no offense, my friends, but right now it looks like Sam could use a fight cage in the middle of nowhere. He has a serious need to be violent so why not give it to him? Just keep it contained.

    Castiel – my beautiful angel boy… aside from those jeans and T that would looks so nice on him, he needs to get laid. Seriously. And learn a few more emotions.

    Bobby – can’t forget Bobby. He needs his own cable show.

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