The Joi of Scopitones

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Since being introduced to Mr. Lobo and Cinema Insomnia (, I have learned about Scopitones (i.e. Joi Lansing). I thought I might share this interesting piece of entertainment history with you. Scopitones were essentially video jukeboxes from the 60’s. They are precursor to the more modern day music video.


From The Scopitone Archive:

They were distributed on color 16mm film with a magnetic soundtrack, and were made to be shown on a Scopitone film jukebox. The first Scopitones were made in France in 1960, and the Scopitone craze spread throughout Europe (particularly in West Germany and England) before crossing the Atlantic to the United States in mid-1964. By the end of the 1960s, they were gone.

The videos are great or at least I think so. There is a fantastic on-line archive listing of Scopitones to be found at You can watch many on and on ( My favorite Scopitone has to be Joi Lansing’s Web Of Love. It’s eye candy.

Featured in Cinema Insomnia. 🙂


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