Good Morning, Chrono!

New segment! Since I do have a bit of love for pop/Internet culture, I am going to spread some news in a new series of news related posts called “Chrono.”


Let’s get down to business.

  • Fringe viewers can rest easy. Fringe has be renewed for another season. (Pop Candy)
  • For cannibals and comic fans everywhere, Showtime plans to adapt the comic series Chew. (Pop Candy)
  • Japanese vloggers have started a charity channel called “Partners4Japan” and makeup artist/Internet sensation Michelle Phan has launched a charity channel called “RiceBunny.” Go visit these channels and view the videos to help Japan recover. (
  • The Guardian Daily seems to think that the new V is good programming (we disagree) and they proceed to list Six of the best TV aliens to watch, in this list. We love they include Dr. Who and Spock, but there many others that belong on that list. It would appear by the comments that others think the same as well.
  • If you don’t read “Dark Roasted Blend” on a daily basis, you should. They have post today on some “Radical Screw propelled vehicles.” Great pictures.
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