Robot X Robot Loves Supernatural

We here are Robot x Robot L-O-V-E Supernatural. To celebrate the end of the break and the start of new episodes, starting this Friday, we present to you……(drum roll)

The Top Ten Signs You’ve Watched Too Much “Supernatural”

10. You refuse to add an iPod jack to your car because you don’t
want to “douche it up”.

9. Every time you hear Kansas’ “Carry on My Wayward Son” you stop
what you are doing and say a prayer for John Winchester’s soul.

8. You turn up the air-conditioning in your house just so you can
pretend there’s a cold spot in the room.

7. Whenever requesting a table at a restaurant, you give the hostess
the last name of a rock star (“Nugent, party of two?”)

6. When planning your wedding, you ask the minister to read a
passage from the Winchester Gospels.

5. You advise your neighbor to salt and burn the body of their
deceased parakeet, “just in case”.

4. Every time you see a man in a tan trench coat, you tap him on
the shoulder to see if it’s Castiel.

3. You etch sacred symbols into a butter knife so that it will kill

2. If you have a bad day you blame it on the Trickster.

1. As soon as the weather forecast calls for thunderstorms, you
suggest to your friends that they call Bobby to see if he’s heard of
any other demonic omens in the area.

List was created by Robot x Robot guest writer HMS, who is a Supernatural fan and ironically, my co-worker. 🙂

BTW… I don’t know about you but after seeing the preview of this week’s episode – I must say that Bobby and Ellen make the cutest couple! However, given their personalities they would grate each others nerves.


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