We Like It Raw ~ Edition 2

Continuing with our goal of bringing you new music, today I would like to introduce to a Hip Hop artist that I recently discovered. It was certainly a happy accident.

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RobotxRobot introduces ….

Hip Hop Artist Grieves aka Ben Laub

Ben Laub aka Grieves was born in Chicago, raised in northern Colorado, and hailing from Seattle. He’s been touring consistently since 2003, and his first full length album, “Irreversible”, debuted in 2007. The success of his album helped to guarantee over 100 tour dates from California to Rhode Island. He has toured with many of the big names in Underground Hip Hop, even headlining certain venue dates. Since 2007, Grieves has teamed up with Seattle producer Budo releasing two other albums, “88 Keys and Counting” and “The Confessions of Mr. Modest,” as well as an EP called “My Girlfriend Beats Me.” In 2009, Grieves signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment (home to artists like Atmosphere). Grieves is about to release his Rhymesayers’ debut, “Together/Apart,” in June 2011. Laub is currently touring right now, visit the Rhymesayers’ Grieves web page for tour dates, samples, and such.

For now, check out “Light Speed”

Oh…..Why we like Grieves? It is easy to identify with his thoughts, which are honest and chiefly positive. He is a refreshing alternative to your typical hip hop artist found in the main stream.

Sources: Grieves Official Web Site, Rhymesayers Grieves Web Site


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