Nuts and Bolts

Must See

I have seen lots of trailers this year and so far I must say and extol praise for the trailer for “Take Shelter” starring HBO Boardwalk Empires’ Flagellant – Michael Shannon. It is one of the most compelling trailers I have seen.


Must Listen

The album isn’t new (and I am patiently waiting on a followup), but I want to introduce an artist from New Zealand to you. No, I am not talking about the fabulous Zowie or splendid Kimbra but rather, the terrific Ms. Phillipa “Pip” Brown aka Ladyhawke (not the movie, of course). 🙂

Ladyhawke’s sound is refreshing contemporary reboot of the 1980s sound – catchy pop, decent lyrics, and fun layering of rock and electronic.

I got a chance to see Ladyhawke on her first US tour, the Perez Hilton tour, which featured Frankmuzik, Semi-Precious Weapons, and Ida Maria. Though slightly sheepish and nervous, Ms. Brown gave an electrifying performance (which really helped to reinvigorate the crowd after having to suffer through a manic, drunk set by Ida Maria – real lack of respect on her part for her fans and I hope she learned something out of her chaos on that tour). Check out some of Ladyhawke’s music, below.

“My Delerium”


“Dusk Til Dawn”


Must Read

Robot X Robot has some major love for the classic monsters, horror, and horror host scene, etc etc.

Two excellent friends of mine involved in the B-scene, Mr. Lobo (Horror Host of Cinema Insomnia) and his co-hort-in-misadventures pursued, Ms. Dixie Dellamorto, have introduced a new and diversified magazine called, “Horror Hosts and Creature Features.”

Introducing... Ms. Dixie Dellamorto & Cinema Insomnia's Mr. Lobo

They describe their mag as “A trade and lifestyle publication for professional creeps and fans alike.”

Like John Waters? Grandpa Munster? Pinup Girls? B-Movies? Classic Monsters? Horror Host personalities? Cool and Creepy Crafts? Then look no further! 🙂

It’s an entertaining romp through the netherworld or cornucopia of the misguided but fun loving, creeptastic underground of entertainment.

You can snag your copy here:


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