Waiting Sucks? Maybe….

Hello Truebies! It’s only 23 more days before the premiere of True Blood Season 4. This season, I think, I might have to do some post-show raving and ranting. I am game, what about you?

Anyways, one of the things I have loved about True Blood is the viral marketing of this show. I really do love how inventive Ball has been in marketing his show. This season, I admit, things have seemed a little quiet. I guess this means buzz is just going to build as the days linger and go. To help excite and get you in the mood, here are some things I can share.

For HBO Subscribers, go to your On Demand, and you should find at the bottom of the Season 3 episodes a series of videos called Waiting Sucks. Get some small peeks into the characters and story of Season 4. You can also go on HBO GO, a benefit of being an HBO Subscriber, and see the first 3 minutes of the new season. However, you could also visit this web site: http://www.buzzfocus.com/2011/06/03/true-blood-season-4-first-3-minutes/ . I would encourage visiting soon before it gets taken down. Of course, you could skip that and save some surprise for yourself. 🙂

Hot Posters have come out. Check them out.

Credit: Zap2it

Credit: Zap2it
Credit: Zap2it

Fangtastic Voyage: ‘True Blood’ Vampires Live On

Tantalizing tidbits from ‘True Blood’s’ season 4 premiere


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