It’s Hot and Shirtless in Bon Temps, Louisiana

#1 True Blood Love Triangle

I had every intention of blogging weekly about True Blood, but life, it has a way of handing you some curve balls. However, I want to make amends and provide a speedy catch up for those that perhaps just tuned into True Blood or maybe you are considering watching True Blood. Season 4 is shaping up to be even better than Season 3.


So… let me make that up to you, right now! ๐Ÿ˜€


Sookie disappeared for over a year in the world of faeries. During her stay (which to her wasn’t long at all), she came across some familiar faces, including her grandfather Earl Stackhouse. Sookie learns that faeriedom has a queen and this queen is not at all nice. She has an agenda that would harvest all humans touched by faeries and shut off the connection between their worlds. We don’t know what they mean by harvest, but it doesn’t sound that appealing.


Sookie escapes with help from her cousin Claude, Claudine’s brother, and her grandfather. Sadly, Sookie must bid her grandfather goodbye. Sookie comes home to find a lot of things have changed. Eric has bought and remodeled her house. Bill has become King. Jason is a full fledged cop. Tara has moved away.


Collective Sigh: Kind and Gentle Sam is Back!!

Sam is still prickly, but he’s working on his problems by hanging out with a group of shifters. One of the shifters is a love interest for him and her name is Luna. By episode 4, we learn that she has some issues that go further than her troubled upbringing and the fact she has a small daughter.


Tommy learning to read from the Home Shopping Network. And what's with Maxine's fascination with dolls, hmm?

Tommy is scamming Maxine Fortenberry, who’s looking for a replacement for Hoyt. Tommy’s unwillingness to change his ways keeps a wedge between him and his brother. In Episode 4, Tommy returns to his roots thinking that maybe his Mom has left Joe Lee. She dupes him as expected and Tommy becomes victim to Joe Lee’s violent anger and their need to have a meal ticket.


Jessica, What about Hoyt??

Jessica is having trouble settling into a domestic life with Hoyt. Jessica and Hoyt tussle over what each other need. Unfortunately, they also get caught in the intrusive role of technology in everyone’s lives since it’s a post-Russell Edgington World. Cameras are focused on vampires and everything they do (not just humans). Protecting Jessica’s honor, Hoyt gets into a fight with Fellowship of the Sun worshipers and gets throttled. Jessica wants to heal him with her blood but Hoyt doesn’t want to touch it. Jessica is deeply offended because he insults that which makes up what she is.

Jessica never wanted to be a vampire, but she has to accept what she is to survive and make what she can out of the circumstances that have befallen her. Sadly, Jessica loses control and makes out with a guy at Fangtasia – lots of necking, if you get my drift. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sookie ends up catching her and Jessica blows her off because she’s protective of her maker, Bill. She states Sookie did Bill wrong and did want to her her preaching to her. However, I think Jessica knew she was wrong and lashed out because of frustration. Back at home, we witness Jessica tells Hoyt the truth based on a Vdaddy-Vdaughter talk, but in the end, she ends up glamouring poor Hoyt. Jessica does care for Hoyt. She doesn’t want to lose him. Will she do the same thing again and again? Does she truly understand the consequences of glamouring someone often (think Ginger…)? What path will Jessica finally take?

In Episode 4 Jessica and Hoyt make a brief appearance when they discover a sick and battered Jason Stackhouse on the side of the road.

Jason has been trying to be a good cop and a good man, repenting for all his stupidity and unwise choices. He’s been keeping Andy in check – since Andy is addicted to V. He’s been trying to help the leaderless Hot Shot clan. However, his good deeds turn into punishment when he is taken hostage by the Hot Shot clan to become their “Ghost Daddy” or aka baby maker. To ensure the clan’s two-natured heritage, Felton and Crystal attack and maim Jason. To make werepanther cubs, Jason had to be turned. In Episode 4, we witness Jason being raped repeatedly by women of Hot Shot. A young woman next in line makes threats that Jason will do what he is supposed to do or she will cut his junk off. However, she doesn’t want to have sex anymore than he does and ends up cutting Jason free. Jason flees for his life with Felton in pursuit.


Things are not what they seem or is all in Arlene's imagination?

Arlene and Terry have been dealing with the reality of being parents of a newborn baby. However, Arlene believes the baby is possessed by the evil of Rene, her dead, murderous ex-boyfriend, who happens to be the father of the baby. Arlene thinks that pulling the heads of dolls off their bodies and just looking at her (in which she suffers a blood vessel to burst) are signs that her baby is the Anti-Christ. PTSD-ridden Terry acts as Arlene’s foil. His normalcy exploits Arlene’s nutty over-the-top assumptions. However, this concludes in Episode 4 when Terry places the baby in playpen to step away for moment and comes back to find an eerie message scrolled on the wall and the baby sucking on the very instrument that was used to write it. All the while, the creepy doll Hoyt and Jessica found in their house sits beside the young boy. Was it the doll or the baby? (Note: Jessica pawned the doll off on Arlene because no matter how they got rid of it, it kept returning to them. )


Magic can have some interesting results.

Lafayette (aka Laf) and Jesus are still together and going strong. As part of any normal and healthy relationship, Jesus is introducing Lafayette into his world, as a witch (which they tinkered with in Season 3). Jesus takes Laf to his coven meeting, to introduce him to his other witchy friends. Laf comments that the shop smelt like where “air fresheners went to die.” Laf is skeptical and fidgety. Jesus introduces the leader – Marnie, and Laf explodes with anger as Marnie channels Eddie, Laf’s dead vampire V dealing connection. It freaks Laf out, and he thinks that Jesus is running around telling his life’s business to anyone and everyone. Laf feels violated.


Tara - You are looking beautiful.

Later on, Tara shows up back in town after Laf lets him know that Sookie is alive and well. Tara has been hanging out in New Orleans under the name Tony. She’s got herself a girlfriend, Naomi, and a gig as a cage fighter. Her new life has definitely made a visible impact on Tara. She isn’t so quick to get angered. Her thinking is focused.. She is not as reactionary as the old Tara. Laf’s involvement with the group increases as his abilities help to boost the power of the group and Marnie. They manage to bring a dead bird back to life momentarily. This causes alarm and a plant placed by Bill is quick to inform him of their necromancy dabbling. Bill is concerned and summons Eric to deal an ultimatum to the witches. However, Eric becomes prey to a powerful witch hailing from the time of the Spanish Inquisition (who channels herself through Marnie temporarily).


Poor Eric. You can come hide at my house! ^_^

Eric is wiped of his memory and flees out of fear and unfamiliarity of his surroundings. Eric ends up running into Sookie, and Sookie takes pity on him. She chooses to protect him, Pam pleads with Sookie to keep him safe because she fears that Bill is out to kill him. Keeping a handle on Eric proves to be not exactly easy as Eric ends up killing Claudine and trips out on her faery blood. Eric flirts with Sookie then takes off despite Sookie’s warning.

Sookie, we understand why you can't look away. Neither can we. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sookie calls up Alcide, whom she visited previously and who is subsequently living with a supposedly clean and sober Debbie Pelt, to help find Eric. Eric is playing the sunlight and wants Sookie to join. As Alcide transforms from wolf to man, Eric becomes threatening, but his menacing stare and exposed fangs dwindle as the effects of the faery blood begin to wear off. Eric starts to smolder and he whines that he doesn’t want to dwell in the darkness.

Eric - "Iโ€™ll never swim in the sun again. Never feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair.โ€


Pam, Why are you always running headfirst into things!

Pam, since Sookie’s revelation of her maker’s fate, has been trying to find a way to free Eric and allow him to regain his memories. Pam issues an ultimatum to Laf, Jesus, and Tara, but the ability to back her threats quickly comes to a halt as the same powerful witch possesses Marnie and delivers a horrific spell fashioned to hurt Pam’s pride as an immortal. Pam becomes horribly disfigured and runs screaming as Marnie laughs cruelly while Tara, Jesus, and Laf stand wide-eyed in terror.


There are details I am leaving out because I am not going to reveal everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, in advance of Episode 5 – here are some burning questions….


Marnie - What are your true intentions?

Who is this witch possessing Marnie and what is her agenda?

Will Pam regain her flawless beauty or is she permanently disfigured?

When Jason turns into a werepanther, what is he going to do? Also, having drank of Jessica’s blood, is he going to start wild hot and fiery dreams? Is Jessica going to being to sense and feel what Jason’s feeling? If so, is Jessica going to immediately sense that something’s changed about Jason?

Is Eric really attacking Sookie based on memories of his former maker? Or is it just a dream?

If and when Bill finds out that Sookie lied about harboring Eric? Will she lose a valuable ally?

Is Crystal right that Jason will find Hot Shot his only refuge?

Will Tommy escape from the cruelty of his parents? Will Sam come to his rescue?

Will Sam become a target for Luna’s ex-were boyfriend?

Is Arlene’s baby evil or is it the doll?

What is up with that dirty looking doll? It’s totally creepy, as if porcelain dolls aren’t creepy enough anyways?

Will we receive a visit from Steve Newlin again?

Will Russell escape from his cement prison?

Is Debbie Pelt really reformed? Or is she biding her time until she attack and take out Sookie for good? Why does Debbie want Alcide to join a new pack?

When Andy finds out that he is related to Bill, how will Andy deal with his V addiction? Will he come to Bill for help or for a fix?

Burn with me! (Yes, a Doctor Who reference but it seems so fitting.)

Will Marnie turn on her coven members? Or will she divide her coven between those who want to follow her way of doing things and those who do not? It does seem that Laff and Jesus are so convinced of Marnie’s magical nature. I sense that Jesus is becoming suspect of the bad juju going on.


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