Running With True Blood’s Denis O’Hare

Back in September last year, my friend Katie informed me that she had a friend that got to run with the Vampire King of Mississippi, Mr. Russell Edgington himself. My response was, “No Way!” There is no shortage of running events in the Tidewater area, in particular – Virginia Beach. Well, I thought it was awesome that her friend got to meet Denis. However, I was perplexed at why O’Hare was in Virginia.

Credit: Alt Daily

Mr. O’Hare was here for the Hare and Tortoise 8K, which started in Williamsburg’s New Quarter Park.

The race is run by his family and is in honor of his late mother, Karene O’Hare.

“Now in its second year, The Karene O’Hare Ovarian Cancer Memorial Run was created to raise awareness of what the O’Hares call “the quiet cancer.” Karene experienced pain and other symptoms for over a year, but when her cancer was finally diagnosed it was stage III, and after eighteen months of surgeries and therapy, she passed away in October 2008.

She was a runner, a nurse, and a frequent volunteer. She was well known in her neighborhood and active in the Williamsburg community. And when her family wanted to find a way to work through their grief, they did what they thought she would do – they created an organization to raise awareness about ovarian cancer, and they planned the Hare and Tortoise race as a way to raise funds for their cause.”

I think it’s great that Mr. O’Hare supports awareness about Ovarion Cancer. It’s terrific that he wanted to support his mother in this way.

To read more about Jenn’s experience visit Alt Daily @

Also, this race is about to happen soon this month, so if you are interested and can run, you might just want to get involved to support a wonderful cause. You never know, you too might be running alongside the Vampire King of Mississippi.

(Still without power as of today… *sigh*, I whipped this up on a break. Bear with me my little robots..)


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