True Blood Season 4 Follow-up Q&A

A lot has happened since I last blogged about True Blood – I experienced my first 5.8 earthquake and went 6 days without electricity due to Hurricane Irene. However, I am back with a follow up to the questions I put forth after reviewing the first four episodes of True Blood Season 4.

Who is this witch possessing Marnie and what is her agenda?

Antonia is woman who practiced shamanism, healing arts, and was persecuted by vampires and humans during The Spanish Inquisition. Apparently, Antonia knew necromancy and as she was burning at the stack, she called on her powers to bring the vampires (within 20 miles) out into the sun. However, it’s obvious that Antonia’s spirit is not at rest. When she comes to inhabit Marnie, she discovers that vampires still exist and are still causing problems. Early on, we realize that Marnie is disturbed and unhappy. She wants and craves acknowledgement, esteem, power, and after being attacked by Eric, she wants to no longer feel weak. Antonia possesses Marnie, but this is what we are lead to believe. Perhaps at first it was a mutual relationship but as the episodes progress we learn that Marnie is the one holding Antonia down. It becomes even more apparent when Marnie is in the final standoff against Bill, Eric, Pam, and Jessica. Power corrupts and it corrupts absolutely.

Will Pam regain her flawless beauty or is she permanently disfigured?

Pam turns up at the beginning of episode 5 in a veil. She implores King Bill to get rid of Marnie. Of course, Pam is very keen on joining in on the process. Initially Bill cracks a joke but when Pam reveals her hideously decaying face, Bill gets serious. Pam manages to recover her beauty but the decaying process is still in process. In order to do it, she consulted the doctor who worked on Sookie when she was attacked by Marianne. Beauty means lots of Botox for Vampires! Before Pam gets her beauty back, she looks much like the visible man.

When Jason turns into a werepanther, what is he going to do? Also, having drank of Jessica’s blood, is he going to start wild hot and fiery dreams? Is Jessica going to being to sense and feel what Jason’s feeling? If so, is Jessica going to immediately sense that something’s changed about Jason?

Jason never turns into a werepanther. Yes, Jason does start fantasizing and thinking a lot about Jessica. I think his dreams are part blood and part Jason. Jessica is struggling with her own identity and while she loves Hoyt. She’s not in love with him anymore. Eventually things come to a head and Jessica and Hoyt break up.

In a turn of events, Hoyt gets mean and tosses Jessica out coldly. He’s hurt. On the rebound and looking forward, Jessica heads to Jason only for him to kick her out because he’s guilt ridden and doesn’t want to hurt Hoyt.

However, when Antonia/Marnie works the first spell to cast the vampires out into the sun, Jason shows up and saves Jessica from turning into ash. Provoked by his heroism, Jessica kisses Jason. Jason and Jessica have a blood bond, and they seem to understand each other many levels. This only increases the attraction between the two. Eventually, it was bound to happen that they end up getting it on in the back of his pickup truck. However, Jason feels guilty and wants to be glamored in order that he doesn’t have to tell Hoyt. However, Jessica reminds him that she can’t wipe away her guilt and concern for Hoyt. Why should he have an easy way out?

Is Eric really attacking Sookie based on memories of his former maker? Or is it just a dream?

It was just a dream. However, he does stalk into her room with his fangs out. However, he ends sulking in Sookie’s arms red eyed and curious about whether he really is good or bad. Eventually, the two of them get on like rabbits. They are caught in the act by Alcide and Debbie. Before, Eric and Sookie get to seal the deal. Eric comes under fire with King Bill because Pam goes into a tizzy about Marnie and reveals what Marnie has done to Eric and that Eric is staying with Sookie. Within a few seconds, Bill barges into the house to find Sookie and Eric kissing and undressing. Bill attacks Eric, but Eric overpowers him. Before Eric slaughters Bill, Sookie reveals that Bill is the King of Louisiana. Eric bows and relinquishes his attack. Bill naturally has him silvered and carried off with Sookie pleading along the way. Eventually, Bill lets Eric go because Eric has mentioned how much of a positive force Sookie has been on him. I think Bill doesn’t want to see Sookie unhappy either.

If and when Bill finds out that Sookie lied about harboring Eric? Will she lose a valuable ally? While I have answered the first question already, I also want to believe that once Bill calmed down, he realized that Eric could be a powerful ally against Marnie. Did Sookie lose Bill as an ally? No, I don’t think so. He loves her, but he also hates how she is always ending up in harms way and needing to be rescued.

Is Crystal right that Jason will find Hot Shot his only refuge?

No. Crystal is wrong. Well, she is so far, but you never know with Ball. We might see Crystal and her disenfranchised backwoods brood again soon.

Will Tommy escape from the cruelty of his parents? Will Sam come to his rescue?

Tommy kills his parents. He runs to Sam for help naturally. Sam helps him dispose of the bodies and tries to comfort Tommy by telling him that he killed some people once too. Tommy is the biggest idiot. He’s more talented in transformations than Sam, and yet, he couldn’t pull of a transformation to escape from his parents? Tommy is just an idiot. To top all that off, Tommy ends up learning to skinwalk. Remember, Luna bringing up the fact that if you killed someone significant your life, you could gain the ability to skinwalk. Tommy ends up transforming into Sam. He uses his new power to manage people around the bar, including fire Sookie, and he ends doing the deed with Sam’s woman.

Sam figures out along with Luna that she slept with Tommy and Sam remembers Luna’s story. Sam has it out with Tommy and again, he tells Tommy that he doesn’t want anything to do with him, etc. Tommy ends up shifting into Maxine and stealing money from her. However, eventually Sam has a run in with Marcus, the Shreveport pack leader. Marcus slides into the bar the next day looking to have Sam meet him. Instead, he meets Tommy. There are rare instances where I like Tommy and this is one of him, no matter what Sam has said to him Tommy loves Sam and sticks up for him. Later that night he shifts into Sam and goes to confront Marcus. I think Tommy wanted to die or to at least punish himself for doing stupid things. Marcus lets his cronies jump Tommy and they beat him to a pulp. Eventually, Alcide jumps in and rescues him. Alcide is a good guy. However, Tommy’s time is over and the skinwalking is causing him to die. Tommy ends up at Merlotte with Sam and Alcide by his side.

Will Sam become a target for Luna’s ex-were boyfriend?

Yes. However, Tommy takes the punches. With the death of Tommy, Sam is bent on revenge. He and Alcide show up at the shop where the beating took place. Sam bullies the one guy present and Alcide reminds him of how wrong it was for Tommy to beaten in such a fashion.Sam and Alcide found from Luna that Emma has been kidnapped by her father. Eventually, they get a call from Emma and it appears that Marcus is at Alcide’s. Sam and Alcide bust in and find Debbie on the bed and Marcus standing. Sam jumps Marcus and goes to town beating up Marcus as Alcide holds Debbie back. Marcus gets hold of a gold and Sam gets it away from him. It seems that Sam might kill Marcus but he doesn’t. In defense of Sam, Alcide deals with Marcus and actually kills him. He then divorces Debbie werewolf style. It’s actually sad because Debbie does love Alcide and she was fighting to stay away from Marcus.

Is Arlene’s baby evil or is it the doll?

Is Arlene’s baby evil? We don’t really know. However, a fire starts inside the house. Everyone gets out and mysteriously, the baby is outside already. Arlene holds the baby and we are privy to a young Creole woman singing to him. She’s holding the doll.

What is up with that dirty looking doll? It’s totally creepy, as if porcelain dolls aren’t creepy enough anyways?

Well as the story progresses, the young Creole woman comes to possess Lafayette, whom we learn is a medium. The young Creole woman had a relationship with a man and had a child. The man came and killed her baby because it threatened his life. He then ended up killing her and bearing them together. She never got to see her baby again and her spirit is not at rest because of the nature of her death. Wanting to know the feelings of being a mother, she uses Lafayette’s body to abduct Arlene’s baby and kick Hoyt out of the home that belonged to her in the past. Jesus eventually shows up and helps meditate and finds a way to release her spirit and her child’s, uniting them and giving them piece.

Will we receive a visit from Steve Newlin again? Will Russell escape from his cement prison?

These are two questions that remain unresolved.

ScreenCaps: TrueBlood.Net


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