Spectular End to True Blood Season 4

NOTE: I am providing an overview of what took place in Season 4 of True Blood. While I am using screenshots and descriptions of events, it’s not a substitute for the TRUE *grin* THING. I highly recommend you watch it for yourselves. It promises to be awesome. đŸ˜€ P.S. Thanks to TrueBloodNet.com for the screecaps!


Season 4 of True Blood is over. How did the finale hold up compared to Season 3? It held up and trumped Season 3’s finale.

This season has been a roller coaster. True Blood is still exciting to watch, and it isn’t without it’s flaws, like storyline bloat (I am not the first blogger to bring this point up either).

This season dealt with

  • Sookie’s attraction to Eric.
  • Jessica’s vampire adolesence.
  • Jason’s bad choices, morality, and sexual ups and downs
  • Arlene’s preoccupation that her child is a bad seed.
  • Andy’s V addiction.
  • Jesus and Lafayette’s exploration into their magical selves.
  • Bill’s rise to power.
  • Alcide’s ups and downs with Debbie.
  • Tara’s lies and poor choices.
  • Pam’s loyalty to Eric.
  • Hoyt’s first love and first heartache.
  • Tommy’s mistakes and misfortunes.
  • Sam’s anger management and sense of duty.
  • Debbie’s jealousy and fidelity.

A Deeper Reflection of Season 4

Marnie, Antonia, Jesus, and Lafayette

The season’s antagonist was a witch named Marnie. Marnie managed to reach out and gain the assistance of a powerful, mad ghost witch that burned at the stake during The Spanish Inquisition. Her name is Antonia. Initially, Antonia wanted to continue her revenge upon the vampires but when innocent human beings got caught up in the carnage Antonia’s blinders came off. She realized her own madness and the damage she was causing. However, Marnie honey tongued Antonia back to her side, but eventually, Antonia leaves. She wants peace. She wants things to stop. However, Marnie doesn’t want her to leave and binds her to her. Marnie craves power. She doesn’t want to be weak. She wants to take revenge.

At the end of episode 11 (before the finale), Jesus forces Antonia out of Marnie. It kills the barrier spell around the shop and Bill and Eric storm into the shop. They off Marnie’s minion Roy and shoot her in the center of her head. However, Marnie is not gone. She possesses Lafayette and uses Lafayette to gain Jesus’s magic. This results in Jesus dying.

I had a bad feeling that Jesus was going to die, and I was right. I liked Jesus so much as a character. I really would have liked to have seen the progression between him and Lafayette. Terrible waste when there were other characters that just would have been better to have gotten rid of from the show.

Marnie ends up being defeated by Holly, Sookie, and Tara while Bill and Eric were tied to a stake and set on fire. Since it was Halloween, the three women conjured the help of the dead. Antonia and Adele Stackhouse appear to save the day. Adele pulls Marnie out of Lafayette. Antonia and Adele guide Marnie into the ether. Antonia made a point that life is full of suffering. The vampires will be suffering eternally while they will have peace.

Sookie, Bill, Eric, & Alcide

Sookie helps Bill and Eric heal from their pyre wounds, but in the end, Sookie decides that for all of their benefit, she needs to be on her own. Bill and Eric are in shock. Sookie leaves but cries outside. Perhaps her conversation with Alcide got to her. Earlier Alcide came to visit her and told her that he split from Debbie for good. It seems Alcide is very much interested in Sookie. He propositions her, but she politely declines. He asks that she reconsider because its obvious they keep making bad choices and they would be good for each other.

Jessica & Jason with a dash of Hoyt

Jessica rescues Jason again after Pam goes ballistic over Bill and Eric’s willingness to sacrifice themselves for Sookie. Pam shoots a missile at the barrier and of course it explodes in their faces. Since vampires can repair themselves, this leaves Jason to get singed. He more then gets singed he’s left blind and crippled. Jessica feeds him with her blood again which heals him completely. Jason is obviously smitten with Jessica, but he feels horribly guilty towards Hoyt. Jason ends up confessing to Hoyt and Hoyt goes ballistic on him. Jessica shows up later in a rather provocative Little Red Riding ensemble. Jessica and Jason’s lovemaking was more expressive and raunchy than any of Sookie and Eric’s.

In fact, I think Bill’s and Sookie’s lovemaking was better than her and Eric’s. True Blood, what gives? Anyways, the chemistry between the characters is good and Jessica’s coming of age is obvious between her early acting out and her maturation into a sexy, vibrant woman. Deborah Ann Woll should get an award. She has played her character with precision and vibrancy. Her acting hasn’t been over the top or cloyed. She has had one of the best character progressions of the entire show.

Arlene and Terry

Arlene and Terry – they have had a lot to deal with this season. First, they think their baby is possessed, but the truth is they were being haunted by a dead creole woman who suffered a violent death leading to existence in limbo. She couldn’t pass on in peace. However, this story line was eventually wrapped up through the actions of Lafayette and Jesus. However, trouble would once again come to life when on Halloween Rene visits Arlene and warns her to get away from Terry because his past will bring trouble. Oddly enough, Scott Foley pops up previously as an old war buddy whose life was saved by Terry. Someone smells fishy and it was the trash that Arlene was dumping out back.

Jesus & Lafayette

As we mentioned, Jesus does not live. However, I think he was one of the bravest characters this season. He choses to use his power, though it scared him, to try to save everyone. He had successes and he had his failure. He sacrificed himself to save Lafayette. Since Lafayette is a medium, Jesus came back to him in ghost form. He told Lafayette he would always be with him. Jesus felt at peace. This still doesn’t make me feel better or Lafayette. Jesus was an awesome character. Might I just add that Nelsan Ellis is one hell of an actor. Lafayette has had to juggle multiple possessions. He has amazing range.

Andy, Terry, ET, and Holly

Andy has kicked his V habit thanks to Terry’s intervention. The detox scenes at the Fort Bellefleur were nice and touching scenes. Sibling rivalry – many of us have had this crop up in our lives. Their handling of this subject felt real and their bonding was touching. Once their bonding was cemented, Terry leaves Andy to walk home and he ends up having a sexual encounter with ET *cough* I mean a fairy. I really was hoping that we wouldn’t see anymore fairies. *puke* I think Chris Bauer deserves better. Thus, it was great to see him approach Holly and apologize for the way he behaved on their first date. She tells him she can’t really handle his confession, but instead of acting like the typical Andy, he says he understands but he is sober and think he is capable of loving someone well. Holly’s apprehension melts and she asks if they could hug. It was one of the most honest and genuine moments in this show that was loving yet not sexual or sexually driven. It was cute and sweet.

Sam, Tommy & Maxine

Sam pays his respect to his brother who has died and along comes Maxine Fortenberry. She calls him devious but that deep inside he had a heart of gold. Sam explained that Tommy wasn’t taught how to avoid hurting the one’s he loved. Maxine said that that Tommy was like a son, and she felt his loss. She tells same that it was his fault about what happened between him and Tommy. He wasn’t taught how to avoid hurting the one’s he loved either. She welcomed him to call her Mom and said they had only each other. I think Maxine keeps looking for a replacement for Hoyt. However, Maxine’s is all bark and no bite. Her intentions aren’t exactly pure but they aren’t heinous either.

Sam, Alcide, Marcus, and Debbie

In episode 11, Sam has it out with Marcus. Sam did intend to kill Marcus, but he stopped himself. However, Marcus is willing to kill Sam but Alcide snaps his neck before Marcus gets the chance. Alcide then werewolf divorces Debbie and they bolt.

In the finale, Sam makes amends with Sookie but doesn’t tell her it was Tommy that fired her. They make up. Later, he sends Luna off. After they leave, Sam is surprised by the appearance of a dark colored wolf. Alcide and Debbie, I believe are white wolves. So, who’s the black wolf???

Tara, Naomi, Pam, Sookie, and Debbie

Tara starts the season of with a relationship with a woman named Naomi. She is cage fighting under the name Tony. Eventually, things unravel and Naomi finds out that Tony is actually Tara. Initially, this puts a damper on things between the two. Eventually, Naomi comes through and sticks by Tara’s side. However, after they get roughed up and nearly killed by Pam, Tara tells Naomi it isn’t going to work and leave. Tara didn’t want anything to happen to Naomi.

Eventually, Tara gets involved with Marnie only to regret doing so when she and others are held against their will. Before Naomi came and went, Tara goes to confess things to Sookie about Naomi and what she has done. Sookie urges Tara to tell the truth. However, Sookie isn’t being straight forward about Eric staying there. When Eric shows up, Tara calls her a hypocrite and to stay away from her. Tara bolts. This when she joins up with Marnie.

In the end, Tara mends fences with Sookie. Sadly, it might be end for Tara. Debbie Pelt shows up in Sookie’s house with a shottie. She aims it at Sookie. Tara comes down the stairs as Debbie fires a shot. With hesitation, Tara jumps in front of Sookie. Tara collapses and Sookie springs up, takes on Debbie, wrestles the gun away and cocks it under chin. Debbie pleads for her life. Sookie hesitates for a second and fires the gun. She drops the gun and runs to Tara whose lifeless and bloody. The shot hit her skull.

Before the shooting of Tara, other events are put into motion:

– The Escape of Russell Edgington – Not unexpected since we new he was cast for Season 5

– The Death of Nan Flanagan and her flunkies – AWESOME DEATH SCENE
– The revelation that Bill and Eric have death notices on their heads by the AVL.
– The re-emergence of Steve Newlin or shall we say Vampire Steve – THE SEASON FINALE TRUE SHOCKER…. I have honestly been waiting for him to pop up but I didn’t expect him to go vampire!

…….. FYI……………

  • Screenshots are coming
  • Some side articles & questions concerning this season and the future of True Blood —— Stay Tuned!

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