Looking Back on Season 4 of True Blood

Episode 1 was called “She’s Not There.”

I have to say the first episode was a little bit of a snore for me. It was a great idea that HBO had in making episode 2 immediately available on HBO Go. The first episode of a new season for True Blood is a re-introduction of all the main players. I honestly just want them to the quick review (they do this really well) and get on with the action.

True Blood has a lot of cast members. Sometimes this creates plot bloat. By the end of the season, we see some regular check out permanently. However, I suspect there will be new characters waiting in the wings to fill their place.

I digressed, let’s talk more about episode one.

Episode one began with Sookie popping into Faerieland. Sookie runs into Barry the Bell Hop and her grandfather, Earl. Sookie stumbles on to internal war between factions of faeries and something sinister going on with the queen of all faeries collecting humans, which happened to be the spawn of human/faery relationships; she wants to seal up the portal between the land of faeries and earth.

Earl ends up leaving with Sookie only to die. I feel that Gary Cole’s acting prowess was wasted.

Season 5 promises to jump back into the faerie arc and reveal more of it to us. I honestly am not too sure I want to see any more. I much prefer the faerie plots in Harris’ book to Ball’s. I don’t really like the only ET-Phone-Nature of the faeries. Faeries aren’t aliens. I didn’t like that idea on Supernatural and I especially don’t like it here.

Anyways, Sookie manages to get back home only to find that Eric has bought her home (meaning, Eric can come and go along with any vampire), Bill has moved on, and she has try to pick up the pieces since she wasn’t gone for a few weeks but a whole year. While Bill has had time to move on and deal with his own emotions, Sookie’s pain over Bill’s lies are fresh. Since Bill’s out of the picture,he spends time flexing his new powers as King of Louisiana. I am happy he got rid of Sophie Anne (the book version of her is better). Eric now sees a clear path to Sookie and he makes sure to exploit his actions in her absence by showing up after she has showered and is naked.

Meanwhile, Arlene thinks she has a case of Rosemary’s Baby. Jesus and Lafayette are exploring their magical selves. Tara is living under a false name, dating a woman, and cage fighting. Nan, Bill, and Eric are doing PSAs to ease people’s fears after Russell Edgington created a setback Vampire-Human Relations. Sam is getting anger management help through a group of shifters.

The first episode marks the beginning of the end of Hoyt and Jessica’s love affair.

That’s episode 1 in a nutshell. I have some opinions I would like to share about this episode.

  • The set design for the land of the faeries was very weak. Bringing up this plot point then not ever mentioning it again except for Claudine’s death and Andy getting a faery booty call…. was annoying. Faerie fireballs…lame. Street Fighter…True Blood is not.
  • Hoyt in episode-after-episode turns into this angry, empty shell. I know the destruction of his character’s world and plot line served the purpose to advance Jessica’s, but I still say it sucks. I like Jim Parrick. Like Hoyt’s character, Pam’s character got very little screen time, but she did manage to have some fantastic zingers.

Tara showed promise in the beginning episodes. She seemed like she was a changed person. However, as the show progressed, she regressed back into the same Tara. Again, she became a character that I wanted to disappear off the show.

The question is – will Tara exit? If Bill or Eric answers Sookie’s call for help will they be able to do anything for Tara. If they can, will it be too late or too much to bring her back as human. We all know Tara would not want to be a vampire. If that was the only option, would Sookie respect her friend’s wishes or selfishly bring her back?

I think it’s interesting that when Sookie went missing, people were combing for her. However, when Lafayette disappeared back in Season 2 people didn’t seem so concerned?

What did you think of episode one? Thinking about it, what do you think about the progression of each character’s story lines?

Screencaps: TrueBloodNet.com


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