Mashup: “Apologies, Mr. Worf”

Image Source: ~melloinheat @

Wesley Crusher takes a lot of flack, but I still like the character no matter what anyone says. Yes, Wesley saved the ship on multiple occasions. I don’t care. Interestingly, there is a trope named after the character which is called The Wesley.

“The main characteristic of The Wesley is that the writers’ focus on them is detrimental to the show, not so much that the parts featuring this character necessarily suck more than the rest, but that so much effort is being directed to them that it detracts from the quality of the series as a whole. It’s as if the writers think that there’s nothing more important than browbeating the viewers into falling in love with this one character. And it never works.”

The Wesley is a combination of 3 tropes: Hated by fans (The Scrappy), Loved by the writers (Creators Pet), and Butting into big scenes for no reason (Character Focus).

Despite being hated by fans, Wesley Crusher, is a character I still enjoy personally. I think I like Wesley because when I was watching TNG, I was near his age. He and I shared a lot of qualities and I could relate to his growing pains. It’s too bad that character has so many haters. I had more of a problem with Tasha Yar than Wesley.

Anyways, despite liking Wesley, I can still appreciate some of the humor lobbed at him. Case in point, this TNG Mashup video:


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