The Walking Dead: Webisodes To Come

Image Source: Total Film

According to Josh Wigler over at MTV:

We’re still some weeks away until “The Walking Dead” springs back to life on television, but you only have to wait until next Monday for your first shot at new “Dead.”

“Walking Dead” co-executive producer and special FX mastermind Greg Nicotero has long been toiling away at a series of webisodes based on AMC’s survival horror show, and now we’ve got a premiere date for the online zombie apocalypse. Nicotero’s “Walking Dead” webisodes will debut on at 2PM EST on Monday, October 3, so mark your calendars — you won’t want to miss the blood, guts and gore.

Nicotero’s six-episode web series is set to premiere in its entirety on October 3, following the story of one of the show’s most memorable walkers — or crawlers, really — of them all: Bicycle Girl, the emaciated torso that southern lawman Rick Grimes gave the gift of mercy to in the very first episode of “The Walking Dead.”

An official press release describes the plot of the web series as follows:

The webisodes will give fans the opportunity to explore the back story of Hannah (Lilli Birdsell), better known as “Bicycle Girl,” the infamous zombie from season one, who was shot by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in the pilot episode and who is one of the most celebrated “walkers” from last season. Fans will learn about Hannah’s life before the apocalypse, her struggle to survive and protect her family as the world begins to fall apart, and her ultimate demise into zombie-hood.

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One thought on “The Walking Dead: Webisodes To Come

  1. Excellent news for all fans, AMC have confirmed a season 3 of the TV series. The Walking Dead season 3 will most likely air next year in the Halloween of 2012. This is not too much of a shock considering the ratings and views it has been pulling in, especially on the opening of season 2 when it smashed TV viewing records. I love the walking dead with a passion, and news of another season has made me very happy indeed!

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