Alternatives to Netflix

While I am personally not over Netflix, other people have cancelled their service and moving on. However, people are scratching their heads as to where to go for an alternative.

Redbox is an option but Redbox has a limited selection and doesn’t feature TV.

While Blockbuster has downsized the number of stores it has, it’s future primarily rests on it’s on-line services.

There is also HuluPlus, iTunes, and Youtube. Yes, Youtube. I have been seeing some rental options cropping up. If they have been there before, I really wasn’t aware of it.

If you want more focused selections.

If you like Asian Cinema, you could subscribe and rent from Tiger Cinema.CinFlix not only offers movies but dramas as well.

Lastly, there is Facets. Facets is

  • A prominent year-round showcase of important independent and art films in Chicago, including premieres, festivals and retrospectives in the Facets Cinematheque.
  • Chicago’s only source of year-round adult education in film history and aesthetics in the Facets Film School.
  • The nation’s oldest and largest festival of films for children and the only children’s film festival in the world to be recognized as an Academy-qualifying festival by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.
  • In the national vanguard of media education with and for children in highly-evolved in-school and on-location children’s film programs like Young Chicago Critics summer media arts camp, Directors in the Schools, Media Bridge, and Take One! Workshops.
  • A pioneering distributor and archive of over 65,000 independent, art, classic, documentary, silent, experimental and children’s films on DVD, easily accessible to rent or own – the Facets Videotheque Collection.
  • A nationally-recognized conservator and publisher of lost and neglected films on DVD and an important distributor of independent films theatrically, with over 800 films digitally restored and released – Facets Video.
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