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The Walking Dead has been renewed for a third season. I am happy with this. 🙂 Woohoo! BTW, if you have not read Kirman’s graphic novel The Walking Dead, you really should. It’s is gritty and gripping.

Source: Pop Candy

HBO picked up what Grazer was putting down. They want to air the Dark Tower TV portion. According to /Film, “Of course, there’s still the all-important question of which studio will distribute the films. Between the disappointing box office performance of Universal’s Cowboys & Aliens and Disney’s qualms about The Lone Ranger, Westerns aren’t doing too well right now. On the other hand, HBO’s involvement can’t hurt in terms of making the adaptation look more appealing to studios, and the names attached still have considerable clout in Hollywood.

As previously reported, Javier Bardem is still set to play the lead role of gunslinger Roland Deschain, though whether he actually stays with the project will probably end up depending on its scheduling.”

Source: /Film

If you have not watched the NBC comedy – Community, you are seriously missing out on one of the best comedies on television currently. Community is in it’s third season. I had the real pleasure of watching Season 1 this past weekend. It really was hysterical and I laughed well. Laughter is good medicine. I like all the characters, but I must admit, I am totally smitten with scene stealer Abed (Danny Pudi).

Here’s the trailer for the show:

Word on the street is there is interest in Independence Day sequel. Will it pay off? Also, Eddie Murphy says he isn’t interested in doing another Beverly Hills Cop film, but he’s interested in turning into a TV series. If you have some good writers for it, it might just be interesting. May be they can hire Paul Riser. I am sure he needs a job after his self-named series didn’t go over well with TV viewers. Eddie Murphy seriously needs a career reboot. Adam Sandler is slipping into Eddie Murphy territory with his new film Jack and Jill. Sandler just isn’t edgy anymore. I think married life has softened him up.

Source: /Film

Friday is approaching and NBC is slated to debut Grimm. It will be in competition with Supernatural. Thankfully I have a DVR because I am a diehard Supernatural fangirl. 🙂

Warner Brothers has given the ok to the ‘Akira’ Remake. The shooting starts early 2012. Garrett Hedlund is the frontrunner for Kaneda. Let the whitewashing of Akira begin. God forbid that Hollywood gives any asian actors a real break. What about Shin Koyamada? Louis Ozawa Changchien?

Source: /Film


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