The Walking Dead: Are You Watching?

(WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read past the second paragraph if you want to be surprised when you watch the show).

So, I finally had time last night to sit down with friends and watch the 90-minute opener to Season 2 and Sunday’s episode. While I know I will miss Frank Darabont on the series, the series, despite a reduction in budget (and I am guessing because of AMC’s new Western “Hell on Wheels” – because we know how much money these type of series requires), is doing just fine. The acting is stellar, especially that of Andrew Lincoln.

There are some complaints being made against the series. However, I think they are doing really well . I think there are many people who are little bitter about AMC giving us such a short first season and waiting so long to show the second season. Not to mention, the second season is not going to be showed without interruption. They are going to show part of the series before the year ends and the other part in then new year. I don’t agree with the break. People are already irritated about waiting so long. We will see if viewership numbers keep steady. The show opener had a record number of viewers.

What scenes had you on edge? The herd surrounding our intrepid survivors? T-Dog’s gash and the save by Darryl (is he infected now)? Sophia being chased by walkers? Carl’s injury and the race to save him? Shane and Otis knee deep in zombies in a race against Time to help save Carl?

The scene I was on edge most was Hershel’s working on Carl to remove fragments of the bullet that struck him? Carl’s screams and cries were palpable and even though I am not a mother, I think for a moment I believe I felt what mothers would feel in such a moment – the panic, the dread, anxiety, the hovering between hope and despair… What a horrible feeling.

Best zombie so far had to be the zombie church lady. Fantastic makeup job.

Steven Yuen’s character got very little to do and work with the last two episodes. I really hope he gets more to do. I felt they could have spent some time on his character instead of doing the flashback on Rick’s wife, Lori. I don’t think it revealed a whole lot. It wasn’t worth the trip.

I hope they find Sophia or we have some conclusion to her story – whether it be for the good or for the bad.

Did anyone notice the button on the dead guy in the tent? It said, “No Excuses for Domestic Violence.” For some reason, I chuckled. Sometimes my humor is quite twisted. Please don’t take that as I am for Domestic Violence – I am certainly not for men or women.

I can’t wait for the next episode, what about you?


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