Everday Is Metal Day

Mark your calendars. November 11, 2011 is “National Metal Day” as declared by VH1 Classic.

Even though “… Metal Day” is on 11/11/2011, VH1 will kick things off early starting November 8th with a marathon of metal concerts from Sonisphere 2011 to MTV World Stage: KISS. Kiss? Yeah, I don’t agree with their inclusion. Kiss is a rock and roll band not a true metal band. The true pioneers of metal pioneers were Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Humble Pie, other bands that started in the 1960s. KISS got started in 1973 long after the genre was established and those who were listening to heavy metal back then didn’t consider them a serous band, much less a metal band. KISS was more glam rock which is a hard rock sub genre and includes others like Alice Cooper and T Rex. Now, this is not to say KISS didn’t have an influence on Metal bands because there are many that play Metal that cite punk as an influence (i.e. Thrash; also, see Motorhead). Kiss also went more metal in the 80s becoming a hair metal band. They certainly influenced the style of bands to come i.e. Gwar, Slipknot, etc. So, if you want to include because of their influence – fine but just don’t go calling them a metal band. 😉

On November 9th, VH1 Classic plans to air Metal Mania: The Greatest Metal Videos Ever A to Z.

On National Metal day tune in for classic metal movies like Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, The Decline of Western Civilization and the classic – Spinal Tap. Later, in the evening, they will air Behind the Music Remastered: Megadeth (9 p.m. EST), premiere the documentary series Metal Evolution (10 p.m. EST) and That Metal Show’s season premiere (11 p.m. EST).

Also, you can watch full episodes of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic’s site.

I am happy to celebrate Metal every day. It’s nice they want to set a day aside to focus on it, but I think every day is Metal day.

Do you listen to Metal? If so, what do you like. I find myself these days referencing the old and taking a lot of death and symphonic metal. I love to hear strong female vocals on top of gnashing teeth metal. It feels like Heaven is on fire. A beautiful raging sea of headbanging and strong emotion.

Source: Pop Candy


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