Top 10 Favorite Vampire Films

  1. The Lost Boys
    • Corey Haim & Corey Feldman – when they were awesome and had terrific chemistry.
    • Charismatic cast that owned each of their characters.
    • Great choice of locations, exteriors and interiors.
    • Fun yet serious at the right moments; great gore without the overkill.
    • A very quotable movie.
  2. Dracula
  3. Interview With The Vampire
    • Actors captured the personalities of the central characters well.
    • Great Setting and Costuming
    • Decent story and ending
    • I found the film entertaining and I swear when I saw it in the theater I was laughing at parts I think I probably should not have but it was because Cruise captured
      Lestat’s style so well, like when he was dancing with the lady’s corpse. That is quite disturbing yet I found myself laughing. I suppose in a way you were supposed to
      laugh but I was one of very few people laughing.
    • Claudia’s punishment is heartbreaking. The effects were amazing.
  4. Fright Night
  5. An example of very awesome movie poster artwork. 😀
  6. Horror of Dracula
  7. The most vile of all vampires. There is no other like Christopher Lee.
    • Christopher Lee
    • Probably the most true and dangerous version of Dracula.
  8. Monster Squad
  9. Near Dark
  10. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
    • To this day, I still haven’t seen the original. But, I loved the second movie.
    • Dark and gothic, a vicious and cruel environment, which include dark crosses, enormous gilded palaces, dark pillared halls, sweeping capes, blood-soaked dreams and somnolent music.
    • V’s postapocalyptic world and medieval cowboy look are defining. He definitely earns vampire with the coolest most bad ass look.
    • V’s character speaks very little but his appearance and actions have such gravitas. Take that Mr. Edward The Sparkly!
  11. Let The Right One In
    • When you think that we have seen everything about vampires, this 2008 Swedish film turns the genre on it’s head.
    • It has stark, beautiful cinematography and is has a “quiet, restrained approach to the sometimes bloody and violent subject matter.”
    • It’s a movie that focuses not exactly on killing but the relationship between a young vampire and a young boy. What each are capable of doing – both good and bad.
    • It’s a coming-of-age vampire film that sheds light on this time of human beings in meaningful, languid raveling way unlike that of Twilight, which is glib, sanctimonious, overwrought of infatuation, insecurity, and codependency. I know this won’t earn me brownie points with people who adore Twilight, but I think it’s drivel.
  12. Shadow of the Vampire

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