Walking Dead Talk Back

Yes, this season seems to be less focused on the zombies and more focused on the people. This is a dramatic series, right. I am definitely a supporter of seeing more zombies, but I just don’t want them thrown into a scene very casually. One the fantastic things about the show is the suspense. The big bad wolf is lurking in the shadows. Just like the characters, I am waiting for a walker to pounce our intrepid survivors. For example, the shopping trip that took place in town with Maggie and Glenn. I was totally on my seat wondering if one of them was going to get jumped by a walker.

The zombie in the well… nice job Nicotero. Gross on many many many levels. It was interesting to see Maggie’s reaction to the killing of the zombie. I wonder who that well zombie was exactly. Was he a family member, a hired hand, or a neighbor?

I was happy to see Glenn get some attention in this episode. It was his week to be put in the panic zone. It looks like next week, it’s Daryl.

Daryl has become the most likeable character. He’s thoughtful, intelligent, and cool under pressure unlike Shane.

Shane is one of those characters you are going to sit on the fence regarding whether he’s a good guy or a cracked, lonely, desperate, pathetic human being. While I understand his reasoning for ditching Otis, he should have gave Otis a chance. If Otis didn’t want to be zombie bait then you run and if he doesn’t make it, he doesn’t make. I think it’s despicable that he shot Otis and let them feed on him while he was still alive. They were close enough that had he shot him in the head, they would have still ate him. A real lack of compassion. I don’t think Rick would have done that to Otis even if he were in the same situation. There is lack of remorse and morality in that man. There’s anger in him. He’s covetous. However, Lori is not of the hook for her stay no go act. She wants her cake and eat it too.

I think at this point, I want the action to ramp up. Darryl obviously has discovered some evidence of someone living in that house. The question is it Sophia. They are definitely drawing out the hunt for Sophia too long.

If you read have been reading Kirkman’s Walking Dead comics, you know that Hershel is hiding something in that barn. Also, are the animals going to go zombie off the contaminated water? Hmm….

At the end of the episode, we learn that Lori is pregnant. Is the baby Shane’s or Rick’s?

Episode 5 Sneak Peak showed us Daryl riding his horse when the horse gets spooked by a snake and tosses Daryl. Daryl ends up at the bottom of a small waterfall with an arrow through his side. In another sneak peak, we see Meryl talking to Daryl. Is it really Meryl or is Daryl hallucinating? Maybe he isn’t. Perhaps the hiding spot in the house was actually where his brother was roosting?

I honestly don’t like Shane so I would rather see his character get knocked off rather than Daryl.


Note: I am sorry about the lack of entries. I have been rather ill. I am on the mend so posts will increase.


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