The Walking Dead Midseason Recap

Hi, everyone! Did you miss me? I hope so. I am on the mend, and I am feeling better. I fell victim to a cold that then turned into an upper respiratory infection. Not fun at all. But again, I am feeling better which means I can spend some time blogging.

Did you watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead? As if the season was not tense enough, right?

Glenn tells the entire group about the zombies in the barn. For many, this would appear to be the smart thing to do, to let them know their only sleeping yards away from a nest of walkers. However, this information ignites the more pragmatic of the group into action. Rick manages to keep the others at bay for a short period of time; they end up taking watch over the barn. However, this has agitated the walkers and it’s only a matter of time before they find their way out of the dilapidated barn.

Rick confronts Hershel about the walkers and about their stay on the farm. Hershel wants them gone but Rick begs him to understand that things aren’t like he believes them to be in the world outside the farm. Besides, Lori is pregnant. Rick emphasizes, “That is either a gift here, or a death sentence out there.” Hershel doesn’t want to budge.

Glenn and Maggie are at odds but eventually they works things out (Yeah!). Maggie’s encounter with a Walker at the drug store was shocking enough to scare her straight (Duh!). Maggie sees the dead now like Glenn and the rest. They are terrifying, deadly, and not human anymore. Maggie (obviously because of Glenn) pressures her father to help Rick and his people.

So, Dad, what you are saying is you are only Christian some of the time?

Maggie to Herschel: “A new command I give to you: Love one another, as I have loved you. That’s what you told me, right? I was mad. Mad about you marrying Annette. I was 14 years old and I was awful; to you more than anybody. All I wanted to do was smoke and shoplift. Love one another, that’s what you told me.”

Dale decides to protect everyone against Shane and from becoming like Shane by taking all the guns off into the woods to get rid of them. Dale has good intentions but it’s honestly a stupid idea. They need the guns, whether they like it or not. In the end Shane, hell bent to commit some action, hunts for a gun only to discover that they are missing. Only one person could be to blame in Shane’s mind. Shane hunts down Dale. Dale then ends up giving Shane the guns. Dale didn’t want to be like Shane. Dale walked away. And so the fight between pragmatism and humanity rages onward…ho!

I Dub Ye Saint Darryl of the Sleeveless

Daryl still believes that Sophia is out there. He’s determined to find her. However, Carol has lost hope. This ends up pissing off Daryl. Later, he apologizes. Sophia’s search has given Daryl purpose and has acted as a catalyst to bring him closer to the group; it has changed his perspective on things. It seems Darryl, though very – very self sufficient, has lived in the shadow of his older brother Merle. Darryl seems to want to prove things to himself.

Taming of the Walker

Later on in the episode, Hershel is notified that a walker or two is trapped in the swamp. Hershel tests Rick and has Rick come with him to wrangle the walkers. Hershel divulges that this isn’t the first time a walker has been trapped in the swamp. Apparently, Otis was the one that wrangled in the walkers. Hershel asks Rick to help corral the walkers back to the farm and put them in the barn.

Shane’s fury has been growing steadily throughout the episode. After finding out that Lori is pregnant, of course deluded Shane (or maybe Lori’s deluded) believes the baby is own. Shane explodes when he sees Rick helping Hershel to lead the two found walkers to the barn. Not having any of it, Shane shoots the walker, urging Hershel to see how it does not die, feels no pain. Eventually Shane plants a bullet in its brain. Then he storms the barn and eventually frees the walkers. One by one they step out and the fury of gun fire rains down upon the shambling undead. Hershel watches in horror as his family and neighbors are gunned down.

They think they have gotten every one of them but one more walker emerges from inside the barn. The feet are those of a child and as the camera slowly rises, we realize that the last walker is little Sophia. Everyone (with perhaps Hershel – he seems shattered anyway) is in shock. Carole screams out and races towards her daughter only to be tackled by Darryl. Sophia wonders out and heads towards the group. Only Rick has the balls to do what has to be done (the scene greatly mirroring his shooting of the little girl in the opening episode). He steps forward, lingers, and finally, he shoots Sophia.

What are the repercussions of this event?

Is Rick’s leadership rejuvenated? Will Rick allow himself to be overcome by guilt and regret? Will Rick adopt a darker, more serious persona? How will Rick evolve from this event?

– Will Sophia’s death reduce her mother to the equivalent of the walking dead? Although, some might argue how is she any different from that already since the show hasn’t done little to flesh her character out. How will this touch Darryl’s life. we know he is a fierce individual. Will use his strength to prop up Carole, help her get through this horrific event?

How will this shape young Carl? Will he harden, become darker? What lessons will he take from this event? Will he have a different opinion of his father? What does he think of Shane.

– Did Hershel know that Sophia was in the barn? This is a crucial question that will certainly determine how the group treats him. I am sure we can believe that Rick will try to rationalize and protect Hershel from the others. The only ones in the group that I can imagine acting against Hershel are Shane, Andrea, or Daryl. Carol isn’t mean spirited from what I can see. However, she did just lose her daughter. I think Daryl is probably the more rational of the three. I am not so sure he would do something if he could draw some reason from the events. Shane is the really unstable one, but I wonder if other than Lori and Carl what attachment he had towards the little girl.

Before the end of the season, I think we see some other characters check out? T-Dog and Carol have very little background. They aren’t given a lot of attention. Carol has received more attention than T-Dog. I think the two of them might bid the show farewell. However, I am hoping the show hangs on a bang. I hope Shane gets offed. 🙂 I am crossing my fingers that they don’t do anything more against Daryl. I really like Daryl. Daryl and Glenn are my faves.

I am excited, but I am sad I am going to have to wait until February to see the rest of the season. *insert pouty face*


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