2012 People’s Choice Awards

In January, the People’s Choice Awards will air. I don’t always agree with who or what is nominated. However, the nice thing about these awards is “we” get to vote and determine the winner. Not agencies, not elite groups like the Academy of Arts and Sciences, not conglomerations…just us.


So, with this being said, I want to promote two of my favorite guys and their show… you got it Supernatural. And Yes, I do review The Walking Dead and not Supernatural, but I have been a much longer fan of Supernatural than The Walking Dead. There is some loyalty, and I think this season has been better than Season 6. I think Supernatural deserves more recognition that it gets. The Walking Dead has blazed a new trail for zombie entertainment and human drama, but Supernatural has never gotten as much attention as this cable show. For the reason of this, the show’s amazing casting, it’s creative storytelling, and one of the best story arcs ever that came to a head in Season 5 — This show is bang on!

***NEWS FLASH *** Through the voting process, I found out Supernatural has been nominated twice in the TV Drama category and SciFi/Fantasy category. So, in theory, you could vote for Supernatural in the TV Drama category and The Walking Dead in the SciFi/Fantasy category. However, me.. I am voting both for Supernatural.

So, I encourage you to head over to their web site (link) and vote for Supernatural. Really, I just encourage you to vote since this is our chance to recognize entertainment arts that we have enjoyed in 2011. Remember, you are not limited to one vote. You can vote as many times as you want. 🙂

Oh, for those that made the selections for TV Late Night Host – BOO! Hiss! for ignoring the funniest one of them all Craig Ferguson!


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