E-Reader Meets Neverending Story

Grimcat Productions on Etsy has come up with a fabulous idea of making customized E-Reader cases that mimic your favorite book. Right now they have only The Neverending Story version. From the picture, they look sturdy and not too shabby. I think with some additional tinkering by the artist, they could be a work of perfection.

Grimcat Productions state “These book covers are hand-crafted from high quality leather and suedes and bound with filigree and an Auryn on the cover, just like the book we all know and love. These are made to fit Kindles and Nooks.”

So, if you have a relative or friend that owns a Kindle or Nook (or iPad – they will retool it for iPad for an extra charge) then this might be a unique Xmas gift that you could give to them this holiday season.


2 thoughts on “E-Reader Meets Neverending Story

    1. Hi Jason! I got your comment. I checked Etsy and it looks like the seller has closed their store. There could be a host of reasons why the seller closed their store. However, I don’t want to waste time speculating.

      The best thing that I can recommend is to get involved in a little bit of DIY. I think this look could re-created to some degree on your own.

      I would first recommend finding a cover that fits the eReader that you use – i.e. iPad, Nook, Kindle. From there, the dressing up of the cover can begin.

      You could also go for a beautiful sleeve by Oberon Design – http://www.oberondesign.com/Ereader_Sleeve_L.php

      You could design your own sleeve over at M-Edge http://app.medgestore.com/customize/

      With M-Edge, you could design the exterior then buy yourself an Auryn over at Amazon. My husband got me that necklace and the Auryn has nice weight and it’s not cheaply looking. With the right kind of adhesive, you could then stick on the cover and voila!

      Again, I am sorry the seller vanished, but I hope these suggestions will prove helpful


      Lynn Shipp
      Robot X Robot

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