Guilty Pleasure: Bitchin’ Kitchen

I have to admit that I am a bit of an epicurean. A what? An Epicurean? Ok, what about its slang synonym – foodie. I know you know what foodie means. Well, anyways, I like to pick up certain food magazines to collect the recipes. I have an assortment of cookbooks. I like trying out local restaurants versus eating fast food. I like to try new things. I like to watch a little food related television. I am completely hooked on Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen on The Cooking Channel.

Nadia G. is from the Montreal, Quebec neighborhood of St. Leonard, a borough that boasts a large Italian immigrant community. Nadia grew up speaking Italian and learning to speak both French and English. Nadia’s parents immigrated from Italy to Canada.

Nadia mixes a punk/rockabilly aesthetic with a sparkling, comedic persona. Her set is in the style of punk and rockabilly, and she has three 3 co-hosts that perform various duties. The Spice Agent educates the viewer on spices while Yanos The Greek Fish Monger gives us the 411 on other ingredients and how they are used, and lastly, there is Hans, who provides a nutritional/fitness/cultural outlook.

Bitchin’ Kitchen is an entertaining and informative program.

For Christmas, Nadia and gang wrestled up some people, including the guy from Epic Meal Time and the Vegan Black Metal Chef, to sing and record a video called A Bitchin’ Christmas. Proceeds will go to support Meals on Wheels. So head over to iTunes and snag this tune. 😉


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