New Year Wishes

It’s almost the new year. Exciting. I have been contributing to this blog for over a year now. How time flies? It’s not been a perfect arrangement. I have a job and a physical life outside of the cyber realm. However, I really do enjoy blogging about pop culture and new things that I discover. I like sharing them with others.

It’s pleased me a lot that I have 24 followers of my blog, either through WordPress or Twitter. Google brings me a lot of traffic, so I thank you Google. However, I am not here to ham up my statistics. I do care that you are reading and following my blog. I have a diverse group of followers.

This year, I think I have made some rewarding posts and insights into pop culture, revealed some of my own hopes and fears about art and entertainment, and waxed poetic about the things that impacted my growth as a human being. In other ways, I have dropped the ball on keeping up with some blogging interests and topics, I didn’t complete my final analysis of each episode of True Blood Season 4 – bad bad bad blogger. It’s too late for me to go back and finish the analysis.

In 2012, I have some Blogger Resolutions. These are things I want to accomplish and deliver for you and myself personally. I plan on sharing them when I finish my list. I am still hashing out what I want to do.

If you have input on what you would like to see me cover in my blog, I will entertain your suggestions. Please write me via e-mail at wolvesinwinter (at) gmail (dot) com.

I will hint that upon my 200th post, I will be having a contest. 🙂


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