RobotxRobot Resolutions

Art by Littlemooglet

Good evening My Robot Army! Well, I like to pretend in my mind I have a robot army. *wink* Well, I mentioned in a previous post about having some resolutions for the new year. I fully realize that I am not always quick, quick, quick in posting. There are some bloggers that post every day and sometimes many times a day. This is something I aim for but it isn’t always reasonable given my work load and familial/social obligations. Sometimes, you just have to deliver when possible.

So, here are my resolutions

1) I am committed to my blog. I don’t plan to stop blogging any time soon.
2) I want to establish a consistent schedule.
3) I want to post frequently and will aim for satisfying content.
4) Establish weekly/monthly specific types of posts.
5) Land some interviews with other bloggers, celebrities (if possible), participate in some blogging events (themed or otherwise), and guest blog.

Right now for the month of January, I am going to hash out my specific plans. I think one thing that might help with the frequency and value of my posts (which I think are not bad at all 🙂 ) is a more long term plan.

So January will be random posts (please forgive) and planning for a great year of blogging. If you are interesting in writing about a pop culture item (film, music, etc.) and have it featured on my blog – please let me know and I will consider your request.



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