Get To Know These Bands

I am a big time music aficionado. My CD collection is a bit ridiculous. Everyone keeps telling me to go digital, but I must say I am rather addicted to the whole package that comes with a CD… the opening process, the excitement of opening the case and checking out the linear notes and the artwork. I don’t get that buzz with buying digital downloads. It’s rather sterile. Anyways, I am going to start a new segment (and I actually have been doing a little of it with my “Watch This” posts). So… let’s start this entry off … enough extraneous mumbo jumbo, eh?

I have got 3 groups I want to introduce you to: Capital Cities, When Saints Go Machine, and Memoryhouse.

Capital Cities

Who are they?

In 2008, Ryan Merchant found Sebu Simonian on craigslist in his search for a collaborator. The two formed a composing team, and in 2010, they began producing material for Capital Cities. The band’s debut EP was released in June 2011 on Lazy Hooks, and soon after, lead single ‘Safe and Sound’ shot to #2 on Hype Machine and charted #1 on CMJ’s A&R unsigned spin chart.

L.A.’s Capital Cities offer up an easy, breezy, beautiful slice of effervescent electro-pop with some indie stylings. (Source for Bio: Last.FM)

Track Selection: “Safe and Sound”

Why is it awesome?

It’s a fun video, a fun song that you definitely can dance to or tap a foot to. I love the electro-pop style, but what I like best about the song, the brass!!! Brass is totally underused and under appreciated. It elevates the song from “that’s nice” to “that’s infectious.”

Website: LINK


When Saints Go Machine

Who are they?

When Saints Go Machine is a Danish electro-pop group from Copenhagen. The group consists of four men: Silas Moldenhawer (drums), Jonas Kenton (synth, vocals), Simon Muschinsky (keys) and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (vocals).

When Saints Go Machine was formed in 2007 and debuted with their Selvbetitlede Ep in 2008. In May 2009 they released their debut album Ten Makes a Face. Their most popular tracks are “Fail Forever, ” “You or The Gang,”and “Kids on Vacation”.

When Saints Go Machine signed a contract with German label! K7 Records in October 2010 for releases outside Scandinavia. On 16 May 2011 they released their second studio album, Konkylie, which means “Conch.” (Source for Bio: Last.FM)

Side Note: In literature, the conch symbolically represents democracy and order. It can also mean a call to a higher, ethereal realm or worship.

Track Selection: “Church and Law”

Why is it awesome?

It’s a visual curiosity and the colors are alluring and transient. The beat is hypnotic accompanied by The vocalist’s soft and warbling voice but then his voice raises and lifts. It’s like listening to a mix of Peter Gabriel + Men At Work + Gotye. It has a quirky, tribal feel yet it is emotional and sensual. It has the bright tension of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know.” What I mean by tension is the emotional strand that is pulled tighter and tighter (as is our attention and captivation by the sounds) until it reverberates in the chorus – higher in pitch and strength.

Website: LINK



Who are they?

Memoryhouse is the recording project of neo-classical composer Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion from Guelph, Ontario. The name “Memoryhouse” is itself, a tribute to German composer Max Richter’s seminal work and the project was originally a means to escape the paralysis of winter. It mixes ambient loops, breezy samples, aquatic guitars, and burbling synths. (Source for Bio: Last.FM)

Track Selection: “Heirloom”

Why is it awesome?
A languid and romantic video;it’s shoegaze so it’s slow but clearly resounds. The vocals are soft and add to the atmosphere of the song. Yes, they still have room for improvement and further innovation. This is still a fine start.



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