Noel Fielding & Alice Cooper

Upon my many blog readings, I stumbled across a link to a cartoon by Noel Fielding (Mighty Boosh) featuring him and Alice Cooper. If you have watched the Mighty Boosh, Noel’s character Vince Noir is all about the Glam Rock look. Naturally, it seems only fitting for him to have an adventure with none other than Glam Rock Icon Alice Cooper. It’s an amusing small web comic.

Check out here:

Now, I do have one point of contention – Alice predates the Goth movement. He certainly has inspired Goth bands and there is the connection between similar interests (i.e. Horror Films etc), but Alice is no goth as Fielding choses to state. However, it’s fantasy and since it’s fantasy, Alice can be a goth if Noel wants him to be. LOL!

Ooooh but wait

Noel is actually doing a bit of takeover over at The Guardian for the week. Feel free to follow his antics. 🙂


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