The Walking Dead Return

The Walking Dead is about to return from it’s break on February 12, 2012. AMC has now released an even longer teaser, the first four minutes of Episode 7: Nebraska.

The emotions are running high in Camp Shane but we are reminded that only Rick has the balls to shoot a zombified Sofia. Is there actually a dark side to this apocalyptic landscape. Is morality a hindrance? Or is morality a symbol of hope and the retention of humanity?

What would you do? Would you have gone in guns blazing like Shane? Or would you have tried to maintain a moral compass and be diplomatic and considerate of another man’s beliefs like Rick?

Will Carol go team Shane? Will this event push her to take her own life? Will the event push her into a dependent relationship with Daryl? Will eventually Daryl let her down or discard her? Will her fate be like Carol of the book? I would be really surprised if she makes it through season 2.

The show is decent, it just needs to start trimming it’s current character roster.


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