Korean Cinema Blogathon

Starting Monday, March 5, 2012 begins the Korean Cinema Blogathon. This event ends March 11, 2012. It’s a way to try to encourage as many people – including YOU! – to share and discover opinions and ideas about Korean Cinema. It’s open to anyone – wherever you are around the world and whichever language you speak. For more details, visit cineAWESOME!

Robot x Robot is going to join in again for this wonderful event. While the objective is to write about Korean Cinema, I honestly don’t like to just narrow myself to that one side of Korean Pop Culture; thus, you will see me writing about other aspects of Korean Pop Culture such as music, dramas, etc.

Now, this week is going to be an ambition undertaking, and I don’t know if I will be able to realize all that I want to do, but here is what I am going to attempt to cover.

My First Korean Film: Bichunmoo

Korean Comedies: The Good vs The Bad – A look at My Sassy Girlfriend vs. Crazy First Love

  • Both these films star actor Chae Tae Hyun

Different Fantasies: Calla vs. Arahan

Korean Period Films: A Comparison between Musa and Saulabi

Acclaimed Dramas: A Spotlight on 4 Acclaimed Korean Dramas

  • The Harmonium In My Memory
  • Flower Island
  • Please Take Care of My Cat
  • Mother

The Romantic Korean Comedy: A Comparison between Please Teach Me English vs. My Boyfriend Is Type B

Spotlight on Works by Korean Film Directors: Kim Ki Duk, Yoo Hyeon Mok, and Bae Chang Ho


I will do spotlights on various Actors and Actresses, such as:

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