Firefly Pals Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin Team Up on Castle

I would like to sort of kick myself for not watching Castle from the beginning. However, I think it’s time slot interfered with another show I was watching. I adore Nathan. He’s got great charisma and is a terrific actor.

It appears that that Nathan is going to buddy up with Adam Baldwin on Castle. I know we all really wish for a Firefly reunion. I honestly think they should do an animated series. This way you don’t have to worry about all the industry hoopla about them all aging out of their roles. Whatever, Hollywood! Anyways, I wouldn’t care seeing them at their present age acting in a new Firefly offshoot of any kind.

I digressed. Pop over to TV and check out Keck’s Exclusives on this wonderful reunion. 🙂


As a bonus, if you have never heard of Nerd HQ and if you love Firefly, check out this unmoderated 2011 reunion between Nathan, Adam, and Jewel from Firefly.


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