Meet David

Meet David. Michael Fassbender’s android David makes a stunning appearance in a viral video for Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”. The video debuted on Mashable, and the faux Weyland Industries advertisement describes David as a robot which is capable of integrating well with human beings. At one point, he faces the camera and says, “I understand human emotions although I do not feel them myself.”

David was created by the Weyland Industries, which is founded by Peter (Guy Pearce). The video itself purpose is to introduce David and celebrate the blue-eyed android’s birthday. At the end of the video, the humanoid robot expresses his gratitude for those who created him. In a way, it feels rather sanctimonious.

Also, hop over to and check out some new surface photos from Prometheus.


************ UPDATE *********************

As io9 has reported – vver at, you can now play with David simply by typing in these emotion codes (see image).

At Project Prometheus enter io9’s exclusive code (pictured above) to unlock the sixth emotion, sadness!

Other web sites have other codes as well, please visit the original i09 article to connect to the other sides and check out other emotions such as joy, rage, and trust.


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