True Geek Love

You really don’t have to be a geek to love these guys. And honestly being a geek doesn’t make me or anyone overly special, it just means we are rather dedicated…ok maybe, slightly obsessed with our interest – mine being a lot of things, which include pop culture.

Nathan Fillion has cemented himself in pop culture through his very charming personality, his good sense of humor, his geekiness and abandon to delight in the things that make him happy. I mean so what if he’s a 40-ish year old man with a panache of playing super heroes (See: Voice overs, Tim Daly Superhero Session, and Dr. Horrible) or pretending to be Green Lantern complete with cape alongside Tim Daly as Superman (See:

Getting back to the title of this post – True Geek Love. Two current and very much beloved individuals have now come together to banter and plug their respective current works – Nathan and Robert Downey, Jr. If you hung around after the credits of the most recent Castle episode, you were given the gift of Tony Stark and Richard Castle arguing over which rich playboy is more awesome. Let’s home that Nathan has a cameo in the new Avengers movie. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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