*New* Prometheus Trailer

I hope everyone isn’t sick of my Prometheus posts yet because the trailers just keep coming and they are epic. The strange part of it all is despite having a vast array of information being shoved at us that could potentially overload us and tone down our anticipation, it’s having the exact opposite effect on me. I am highly anticipating this film because I know it’s going to be visually amazing and scare the crap out of me! Alien and Aliens still scare me effectively today.

I believe Alien and Aliens to represent an effective metaphor for the potential peril of the lack of humility, the naivety, and the overconfidence of humankind. We are bold, invasive species, but we ignore many things when striking out to discover the unknown. We think we can just blatantly conquer everything. Confidence and diligence are useful traits, but we get into trouble so fast when we ignore and often overlook the consequences. Hence, history has a way of repeating itself. Ok, I am on a soapbox but this is exactly WHY WHY I love this kind of film it get’s the noodle going and it’s philosophical sustenance.
Enough of me chattering on and on and on – here’s the trailer.



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