Blood on the Beach Horror Convention (Part Two)


To Buy or Not To Buy



After visiting Jason, I did a little shopping and picked up some fantastic poster prints (Supernatural, Labyrinth, Godzilla, and personal favorite – Blade Runner). They were very nice quality and came with a plastic cover – bonus!


The vendor room had lots to offer from DVDs to horror-theme t-shirts, posters, custom art and dolls, horror-themed earrings and vinyl stickers, steampunk jewelry and accessories, handbags, zombie slippers….even massage services from a zombie masseuse.



After having a little fun shopping, we made our way back to the celebrity room. By this time, Norman had arrived and the line was quite long. We decided we didn’t want to wait so long and went onward to quest for Edward Herrmann’s autograph. By the time we got back, he was back at his table with his handler.


A Giant of a Man


He is indeed very tall, warm and cordial. I hoped he would be more chatty, but I am guessing he probably was a bit tired. I purchased an autograph and I got to take my picture with him. Sadly, I goofed and closed my eyes during the picture. DOH!


Edward & I (My friend caught me with my eyes shut so my expression looks goofy so I wanted to hide my face. Sorry!)


It’s just impossible to purchase an autograph from every celebrity. I felt a little sad I couldn’t purchase more. I did wrestle up the courage to say hello and shake William Forsythe’s hand. I let him know that plays a wicked villain. He seems like a pleasant man, but he is still very intimidating. I didn’t linger long in his gaze.


A New Friend and The Monster Man


Out in the lobby, we collected our thoughts, got something to drink, and ran into one of Katie’s friend – Tim. We ended up hanging out with Tim for the rest of the evening. While chatting with Tim and Katie, I noticed Mr. Herrmann hanging at the bar having a long conversation with someone. Then, I noticed Cleve and his daughter Constance had popped up in the lobby.


Cleve and Constance Hall work in the makeup and special effects business. Cleve is an old school special effects guy. He’s known as the Monster Man and rightfully so. He has made some awesome creatures for the likes of DEVO and Friday the 13th Director Sean Cunningham. Cleve, Constance and the crew at SOTA F/X are so good at what they do that they have a show on SyFy.


Monster Man Cleve Hall and I


The show is a perfect fit with the highly creative and fun reality show Face Off, which pits budding special effects artists against one another in a contest to win prizes and be awarded recognition for their talent. Monster Man finished up it’s first season recently and I feel confident it will get renewed. If it doesn’t, I will be one unhappy lady.


I got in a small conversation with Constance and with a little patient lingering, I got in a hello with Cleve. He was extremely happy and charming. He didn’t have any problems with a quick photo. I was completely ecstatic because I greatly admire non-CGI make up and special effects.


Alice Creeper, Celebs, & Spotting Norman


We made another run around the celebrity room, checking out celebrities, and trying to get a peek at Norman Reedus. I went to see Ernie Hudson, but he was packing up early as the convention people were going to eventually clean out the room to host the VIP party. At the VIP party, there was a small spread of food and a horror-themed cake. We all got to jam out to a terrific Alice Cooper cover band – Alice Creeper. Later, a DJ played goth and industrial music and videos for the crowd.



During the party, we ran across a handful of celebrities just hanging out, mingling. Katie, Tim and I spent five-to-ten minutes talking to Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead. If you aren’t sure which character he played, he played Daryl’s racist brother Merle Dixon. Michael was exceptionally nice and took pictures with me and Katie. Katie made a joke about his hand being still his, and she asked would Michael be showing back up in the series again. Michael leaned in and teased that indeed he was going to be making another appearance. We haven’t seen the last of Merle Dixon. While we were standing around, I asked about Michael what he like to do when he wasn’t working. He likes to hunt, and he owns a gun range. He seems adept at weaponry. I guess that’s one way to maintain the image of a “badass.” But, seriously, Michael is a big teddy bear. 🙂



Also, enjoying himself at the party was Cleve Hall. I ran into Cleve again, and I was dying to ask about his musical background and his personal tastes. Cleve told me he likes VNV Nation and Assemblage 23. We shared a lot of similar tastes in goth/electro/industrial music. He also expressed his love for Akira Ifukube, the music composer best known for writing many of the scores of the original Godzilla movies.


We weren’t sure if this guy was a goblin, a nosferatu, but whatever he was, he had fantastic makeup and a great look. (Courtesy: Tim Romo)


As the night wound down, we found ourselves gravitating towards the lobby. Tony Todd and Danielle Harris arrived late that evening. Tony made a quick appearance before disappearing. A little after 2am, we heard some noise behind us. It was fangirl screams of joy as Norman and Sean Patrick Flannery stepped off the elevator. In no time, the guys had a mini-swarm of people around them. With a little encouragement from Captain Morgan, my friend Katie went over and said hi to Norman. I remained at a distance – partly out of anxiety and out of respect for the guys. I wanted to give them some space because I was going to see them the next day anyways. However, I was happy to hear that Katie had fun saying hello. The guys didn’t stay long and got back on the elevator. I think they need some disguises. Unless they were coming down to intentionally tease us. Who knows! I do know that Katie and I as well as many other ladies were grinning ear-to-ear. Norman has got himself quite a following now.


An earlier shot of Norman arriving at the Hotel.


Eventually, we had to make our way home. I played the designated driver. We didn’t get home until after 3am. I don’t think I have had that late of night since ….I don’t know when. We were both so excited, we didn’t get to sleep until after 4am. This was the end of Day One!

(Stay Tuned for Part 3)


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