Prometheus Update

he newest advertising trailer for Prometheus unleashes some crazy and reveals some of the terrifying things to come. There’s nothing more unsettling than seeing some writhing snake-like (perfect to go in the mouth and down the esophagus) creature invade someone’s body. Gives me goosebumps and squirm in my seat.

Here’s a link:

If you head over to io9 (link), they have posted some lifted looped gifs that give pause to the terror that befalls the crew of the Prometheus. One of my lingering questions is anyone going to make it out besides possibly the Android?

Also, a brief but interesting origin featurette has been released if you want more background on the film.

UPDATE 10:09 AM 5/16/2012

Verizon has some new footage up on their Prometheus page, plus other little goodies. Can you believe it, only 22 more days? I feel I am going to be clinging hard to the arm of my husband through this one. Finally, a real horror film. 🙂


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