Blood On The Beach (Part 3)

Day 2 of Blood On The Beach


While Day 1 of Blood on the Beach had a decent turnout, Saturday was a bit of a madhouse.


Let me put it to you like this, if a zombie outbreak happened right at that event, people would have been hard-pressed to escape the mayhem. It was a decent-sized turnout for a first time convention of this nature in the area. I was pleasantly pleased, and I know locals and fellow Virginians especially were excited and from all the feedback, I think other convention veterans and out-of-state fans had a good time too. I am pretty sure we are going to see a Blood on the Beach II. Fantastic!


Can you tell I am excited for another day of BOTB? I don’t think it shows enough. 🙂


Day 2 was full of events: panel discussions, movie screenings, and photo opportunities with various celebrities.


Bonjo towered the Umbrella Corp.


Killer Clowns on Stilts

When we arrived in the afternoon, we were treated to some people in fantastic looking costumes and the creepiest of clowns on stilts. We watched with delight as Scott Suloff aka Bonjo the Clown leaped about on his jumping stilts – delighting and creeping everyone out with his menacing face. I thought Pennywise (Tim Curry) from Stephen King’s It was creepy. Nope, he’s got nothing on Bonjo.


Whitney B. scaring things up. She had the best zombie costume hands down!


Norman Reedus/The Boondock Saints Photo Ops

I was excited about Saturday because I was going to be in hugging proximity of Norman Reedus. I saved and paid to have my picture with Norman and Norman, Sean, and David. When I got in line, I was completely nervous and worried that I would say something silly or act like a spazz. One of the nice things about the photo shoot, I could include a guest. I was planning to include my friend Katie, but she surprised me and plunked down the cash for a photo with Norman by herself.


My nervous feelings mounted as my friend got her picture taken with Norman. I was up next. Norman put me at ease really quick. He was warm and friendly. He got a good look at my shirt and asked to take picture of my t-shirt. I said, “Sure.” Who wouldn’t say yes to Norman Reedus? (BTW, he liked her shirt too and took a picture) After Norman and I took a picture, I had my picture with him, Sean Patrick Flannery, and David Della Rocco. It was all too quick. However, I managed to put in a quick thank you and a pleasure to meet them as I shook all of their hands. I kept the fangirl incheck the entire time. I was so good that when I turned to leave, I forgot to shake Norman’s hand again. I was so nervous. I know… they are just people, but I was so worried about looking foolish. Did I mention he smiled when he reminded me that he wanted a handshake too? I think he knew I was nervous. LOL!



Back To The Lobby

Like a cherry on top of a sundae, we got to ride the elevator back to the main lobby with Edward Herrmann. We made small talk and my friend recommended that if he got out and about around Virginia Beach that he should check out Skinny Dip, which I heartily gave a thumbs up to. Honestly, they have the best freezie yogurt and topping selection. Not even Sweet Frog in Richmond is as good as Skinny Dip. 🙂


Darth & Ernie Hudson get acquainted.


The rest of the day was spent people watching, checking out vendors and meeting some celebrities. I briefly met Danielle Lewis (Halloween 5, Hatchet) and snagged a autograph for a friend. I also popped back around to Mr. Herrmann’s table to score another autograph for my friend and first friend I made when I moved to Richmond – many years ago. We bonded over many things including The Lost Boys.



Meeting Atreyu

My friend Katie’s heart was set on meeting Noah Hathaway aka Atreyu from The Neverending Story. Katie grew up in the countryside of Virginia and lived on a farm. Her family had ponies and horses so she felt a real bond with Atreyu as kid. In fact, her childhood wish was to marry Atreyu. When Katie and Noah talked there was an immediate connection of childhood nostalgia and horses. I think they both had a fun time meeting one another, as evidenced in this photo below. 🙂



The Remains of the Day

Sadly, I couldn’t make the awesome Walking Dead or Boondock panels because of some my and Katie’s schedule, but I hear they were great. Also, Cleve Hall aka The Monster Man was spotted hanging around the giant inflatable spider and during the con he made a fan for life in the form of a beautiful, little girl named Helen, whose parents got hitched in zombie-themed wedding at the convention. Later in the day, Sean and Norman were presented with some marshmallow shooters (Norman got a crossbow).


Sean and Norman were given Marshmallow shooters and preceded to execute some expectant convention goers. 🙂 (Courtesy Photo: Crystal R. Fowler)


As the day turned into night, Bella Morte thrilled the masses before turning things over to G. Tom Mac and gang.

Virginia’s own Bella Morte. (Courtesy Photo : Pete Laperriere)



G. Tom Mac aka Gerald McMann is the singer of the song “Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys film. G.Tom Mac gave a great performance and Lost Boys actor Brooke McCarter got on stage to help him out. It was night full of wonderful memories for many.




(Stay Tuned for the Part 4)


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