Say No To Elementary?

Ok, it might be hasty to put down the forthcoming Fall 2012 series Elementary, but the preview trailer is not promising. Ordinarily, I like Jonny Lee Miller but the delivery of his lines are not winning me over and neither is Lucy Liu. Perhaps, it’s just the dialogue. Watching this trailer makes me feel like I feel when I go out to lunch with co-workers at Olive Garden and one co-worker decides to pick at the best bits for her self (i.e. tomato, etc.) and leave the rest of us with lettuce. The bite of intellect is sadly missing. So, Moffatt, doubt your reading, Sherlock will shine in comparison to this drivel.

Now, I know, I am not giving a the show the benefit of the doubt. I promise to try to watch a couple of episodes to see what pans out. Sometimes chemistry and writing take a little time to build, but I swear if they don’t get it together after the first few episodes….well it’s splitsville. My time is precioso!

See for yourself and if you feel inclined, give me your initial impression:


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