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There are so many things to care about on this planet. There are many things we can do for one another. It may seem almost trivial to run a Pop Culture blog. The heart of the matter is that Arts & Humanities are important to the psyche of humankind. They enrich, strengthen us, inspire us, push us, make us critical thinkers, activists for humanity, and reflect the good, the bad, and the indifferent. Arts & Humanities are a legacy that we give to the future of our kind. So, this is why I continue to operate this blog.

Why did I feel compelled to write this? Someone made a offhanded remark about my hobby and interest without much consideration to its value to me and perhaps many others. This is not a casual interest for me. I take great love and joy into doing this.

I am on my soapbox a little too long. Let’s get some good links/stories I have come across this week:

  • Mike D and Ad Rock open up about Adam Yauch to Rolling Stone. (See also Gothamist)
  • Soul Singer Bobby Womack no longer has cancer. (Pitchfork)
  • Brooklyn Residents have launched a petition to name a park after Adam Yauch (I think this is a lovely idea.) (Pitchfork)
  • Kristin Wig has parted ways with SNL. This makes me sad, but I think she will have a long and wonderful career.
  • Gorgeous.
  • The xx are releasing a sophmore album soon. The announced a brief US tour to support the untitled album. Sadly, no date or location near me. (Pitchfork)
  • The Austin City Limits Music Festival schedule has finally been released.Amazing Line Up! – HUZZAH! This Saturday Flogging Molly is hitting the ACL stage. Yeah! (ACL)
  • A rummed up Bill Murray takes you on an exploration of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom’s set. (Youtube)
  • Why compare everyone to the next Nigella? Take a look at three up and coming lovely women cooks. (The Guardian)
  • Thomas Wilson (the iconic Biff Tannen) deals with the repetitive questions of BTTF fandom in a unique way – a Q&A business card.(The Guardian)
  • This week we lost another musical icon – Robin Gibb. Another wonderful artist taken away by Cancer. Here’s Robin’s life reflect in a image slideshow. (The Guardian)
  • This year marks the anniversary of Peter Gabriel’s So album. Peter is celebrating by doing a small tour across the US. What this means? He’s hitting primo spots and not smaller venues. 
  • NPR is keeping tabs on Neko Case as she works towards finishing her new album. Keep track and watched the birth of album.
    Photo Courtesy: NPR & Jason Creps
    Photo: Entertainment Weekly

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