Farewells and Goodbyes

Today brought two pieces of sad news: (1) Sci-Fi Icon/Author Ray Bradbury has passed on to the great beyond and (2) Former Smiths Frontman Morrissey thinks he will retire in two years.


I am not going to pretend. I haven’t read a single Ray Bradbury novel. However, I own a few. I have also seen his works brought to the big screen such as François Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451. I am a slow reader at times – I totally admit it. I strive to improve that terrible and hideous fact. I have it on my to-do this year to read and absorb 200 books. So far, I have read 2. Terrible, I know. However, I have a goal and I am to complete it despite having ADD. With that in mind, although, I saw Truffaut’s visual representation, I felt Bradbury’s voice. So, I am motivated to read his works. Forgive me Ray, I am sorry I was slow and didn’t get around to reading and celebrating you more when you were with us.


As for Morrissey, it seems he wants to move on from the music business in two years. I wonder what he might consider doing. The way the articles read, it makes it seem he thinks he’s not looking the best he can be. I wonder if it’s health related more so than vanity – who knows. I think it’s weird he has had so many health conflicts in recent years given he’s vegan. Maybe he’s a bit of a boozer or simply has bad genetics or maybe he simply just works too hard. Whatever the case, I hope that maybe he will retire from such heavy touring and focus on the music and a few club dates here and there. He’s got enough of a following that he’s got support in the scene. Time will tell. I wish him well. He’s been at it for 30 some years, a person needs a vacation every now and again. Perhaps there are some other things he wants to do, he has a right to it. Again, I wish him well.



Sources: Tor and Rolling Stone

Image Courtesy: Les Edwards (Artist: Edward Miller)


2 thoughts on “Farewells and Goodbyes

  1. *gasp* you have missed out on reading Ray, this must be remedied quickly… off to your bookshelf and read one of them now, The Illustrated man is a brilliant one with some excellent short stories…

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