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The Minion of Music

This morning calls for a shout out to Afropop.  Please cozy up with a cup a coffee or tea and listen to sweet pop, jazzy, smoky cabaret stylings of Y’akoto. Y’akoto is 1/2 Ghanian, 1/2  German, and all voice!

As the daughter of a Ghanaian father and a German mother, Jennifer Yaa Akoto was raised a cosmopolite from her infancy. She was born in Hamburg and grew up in Ghana with sojourns in Cameroun, Togo and Chad before finally ending up shuttling between Hamburg, Lomé and Paris, a wanderer between worlds, a modern-day nomad who has always drawn strength from a state of permanent transition, which she has always seen as the inexhaustible source of her inspiration. “The numerous relocations, all the travel, and the global adaptability this entailed – all these things strongly influenced me.” states Y’akoto. “Yet I feel no sense of displacement…

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