RIP: Television Icon Andy Griffith

Griffith, who, as Sheriff Andy Taylor on the actor’s namesake 1960s TV comedy, kept the peace, and represented a heartland ideal, died Tuesday, the actor’s friend Bill Friday told WITN News. He was 86. (

What can I say? I grew up on Andy Griffith.  I grew up in rural Virginia for 10 years of my life. I belonged to a small town with simple but laid back days much like Mayberry. Goodness prevailing whatever cynicism that may have been lurking elsewhere. Yes, it was television and a little hokey and humorous, but there was a streak of prevailing good and some wisdom in The Andy Griffith Show. I am not saying that show was perfect.  As I child,  I did not realize how white-washed a society Mayberry was. I didn’t know anything about what had happened to black people. I didn’t know even what had happen to American Indians. I was so small.

However, I am now an adult. I realize that The Andy Griffith Show is not without it’s issues. Since we live in a more blended, diverse, and liberated society today, we are going to see things differently. I honestly don’t know if the show was racist or bigoted – I honestly don’t recall them being that way. I do know that there are many conservatives that use the show as a reference for “good, old fashioned values and ways.” However, there are conservatives that speak out against it and call it leftist, communist propaganda.

Since the show is  on Netflix streaming, I think it’s time to re-watch the show as an adult in a more current decade to see what I see.

Anyways, moving along…. Most would think that coming from such small rural township that he would most assuredly would be a conservative and Republican, but in 2008, Andy was out stumping for Obama.

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