Poll: Alcide or Bill?

On True Blood Season 5, we see Bill show concern for Sookie. However, when he shows up to check on her (Episode 4), he finds that she is making out with Alcide. Eric quickly shows up and remarks that didn’t take her long to get over her bad day. Their conversation then reverted to their quest for Russell.  Bill thinks Sookie could be useful but Eric suggests that Sookie wasn’t going to cooperate. Bill then states coldly that they won’t give her the opportunity to turn them down. Uh oh! So, has Sookie’s drunken flirtation and making out with Alcide force out any feelings he had for her?

Thus, this all brings me to the question? When and if this series should end, with whom do you think Sookie should end up?



Ok, I realize this is a bit of eye candy post, but I felt it only fair that if I offer up a shirtless Alcide, I had to be fair and offer a shirtless Bill. LOL!

What can I say True Blood is a guilty pleasure.


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