Wish Presents Zombie Experience Days

Thanks to video gaming technology, there is an entire generation whose happiest childhood memories revolve around the wholesale execution of hordes of shuffling, groaning, bitetastic Undead.

We at Wish (LINK) like to make even the goriest dreams come true, and with our mega-popular Zombie Experiences, guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.

At secret locations in Droitwich, Reading and Warrington, you will be trained within an inch of your life (in about 30 minutes) to use an array of high-tech weaponry before being unleashed to face the Zombie Apocalypse! Save yourself from the certain humiliation of your friends claiming more kills than you…


There are four menu experiences:


SWAT Training Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to shout ‘go, go, go, go, go’ at a group of people and not look like a complete wally, why not try this amazing SWAT training experience?


Zombie Boot Camp

You’ve tried Ghostbusting, you’ve tried Troll Hunting. But if you’re after some full-on frightening fun, enlist now to Zombie Bootcamp.

Groaning, shuffling, a horrible stench emanating from somewhere – visits to Grandma are never fun are they? Just kidding! We’re talking zombies who have overtaken vampires recently as the go to horror icon of choice.


Zombie Manor House

You’ve heard of Downton Abbey? Well get ready for Downton scabby! Boom! Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. You like that pun? Get ready, because we’re barely on the launch pad sister.

Manor houses tend to be the domain of divorced weekend dads desperate to win over the love of their ambiguous offspring in a craven attempt to get one over on the woman they used to love. But no more. How about a manor house crammed to the bladder with angry, vitriolic zombies?




Zombie Shopping Mall

Prepare yourself for the three most horrifying words in the English language: Reading shopping centre.

Bone chilling stuff, I think you’ll agree. We’ve prepared a bespoke, abandoned shopping centre in Reading, sprinkled to the gills with maniacal ZOMBIES lusting for your tender brains.

We know you want to combat them until they cannot be combated anymore. And now you have the chance.



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