*New* Cloud Atlas Trailer

Hearing that this trailer was over 5 minutes long, I thought – no, I don’t want to watch it. Movie trailers of late are so revealing they making going to see many movies in the theater worthless. You watch them and get irritated – the whole plot exposed. What’s the point? Sometimes… you just have to ignore what you have seen and go. Or sometimes, despite all the bits and bobs you have been show, you feel inspired and can’t wait to go to the movie theater. I was pretty excited by Prometheus but the more and more trailers stole some of the thunder then my friends came back from seeing the film before me. They were greatly disappointed. The trailer was a better movie than the movie itself. In this case, trailers become rather depressing. Not all but most.

So…back to this 5 minute trailer – really, it’s that long??? But, what is the movie? The new movie debuting later this year by the creators of The Matrix and based on the novel of the same name – Cloud Atlas.

Given the uneven history of the Wachowski Brothers, I was little skeptical. However, the trailer is beautiful and resonating. I want to explore this world. So, they got my attention. Let’s hope there is a pay off to the award winning and Booker Prize short-listed film re-telling of British Author David Mitchell’s, “Cloud Atlas.”

Check it out for yourself! (P.S. I am especially excited because everyone will get to see Korean Actress Bae Doo Na (she’s fantastic) and Chinese Actress Zhou Xun (equally, lovely!) in this film. Also, Hugo Weaving – good to see you too!


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