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Today in Pop Culture News….


True Blood


It appears that True Blood showed the End of Season 5 trailer for True Blood after this past Sunday’s episode and then later released a trailer for Episode 58. The End of Season 5 trailer is very stylized and revealing. What is going to happen Jason Stackhouse? Who’s going to come out on top? Matter of fact, who’s going to come out alive? Watch here:


Jack Kerouac and Film


The first trailer for the movie retelling of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” has been released internationally. (Source: /Film)





Through The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon, ousted creator of Community, has come out swinging against Sony again. It doesn’t seem he’s determined to let things go so easily.

As Harmon sees it, the latter was the network sending a clear message to those involved with the show: “We’re going to smother it with a pillow very quiety,” he said, noting that the 13 episode order would bring the series to 88 total, which would allow those with an ownership stake to make a little bit of money and be done. NBC’s entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt has since said publicly that he would consider ordering more episodes –or even more seasons– if the series performs, and by moving it from Thursdays to Fridays it is operating with dramatically lower expectations.


Geek Toys


Ever feel that your business card holder is just a tad on the plain side then look no further – for $31.99 you can own a He-Man Castle Grayskull business card holder.





Apparently, Sascha Baron Cohen wants to parody James Bond. I am surprised there haven’t been more attempts at it. (Source: Geeks of Doom)




In the category of I don’t know what to think. I find myself a bit horrified and laughing. If Craig Ferguson pulled this stunt, I might think it was actually funny, but I find myself creeped out by Jordan Knight. You be the judge. (Source: Pop Candy)



Music News
If you were in London last night, The Stone Roses put on a free concert. (Source: NME) Lucky people! 🙂


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