The Monkees Reunite

The Monkees were a four-man group, but Davy Jones sadly passed away this year. However, for one reason or another, that which is unknown, Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz, and Peter Tork have decided to come together and play some gigs this year. I am sure they will pay tribute to Davy along the way.

To access the tour dates, just log on to Facebook and like their page. Then go to Events and check out the dates that range across the country to find one closest to you.

Mike participated in a recent Rolling Stone interview and had this to say about what they will be performing.

What sort of setlist can fans expect? Are there certain rarities you’re hoping to bring back? Has the band been assembled yet?


Mike: We are focusing around Headquarters – our first real sojourn as a band – but the setlist will include all the Monkees fans expect. There are songs of mine and Peter’s that have not been performed that we will play. The three of us will play the Headquarters material as we did in the studio – but the shows backing band for the other material will be the same as the last tours – with the exception of the inclusion of my son Christian on guitar.

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