Breaking Bad Fan Tribute: The Journey of Walter White

Breaking Bad is probably the best written show on American Television today. Sadly, it will end next summer. The creator and writer behind the show is a fellow Virginian, and I believe there are more great things to come from him.

A fan of Breaking Bad has created this stirring tribute of Walter White and his journey. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad you might not want to watch because there are some spoilers. However, if you do, I hope you decide to watch the show. It’s that good, that visceral, gripping, emotional, and disturbing. It’s amazing.

I can say husband started watching the show. I had no interest because of the subject matter. However, every time I would wander into the room and it was on….I was sucked in. I would ask what is going on and then sit down to watch. This behavior soon changed to joining my husband in watching full episodes and seasons…and no matter how much my friend says Games of Thrones is awesome (and I love me some fantasy)… it turned me off (I tried several times to watch) and whenever I see it on, I am happy to walk out out of a room. It’s hard to believe I would choose Breaking Bad over a fantasy show. But, I did.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Fan Tribute: The Journey of Walter White

  1. Absolutely brilliant television series, can’t believe its going to end soon. The whole journey of every character has been so enthralling right from the start and there has never been an episode that fallen flat.

    1. I still have some catching up to where the show is currently at. Actually started re-watching with some friends who have never seen the show. The benefit for me, is I get to see a lot of things I missed.

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