Halloween Junkfood: Candy Corn M&Ms and Candy Corn Oreos

I want to establish upfront, and I know this goes against the mecca that is Halloween, but I hate hate hate hate candy corn. Phew! I said it. However, I always found them to make good faux vampire fangs. They had replay value but not in my tummy.

This year seems to be all about Candy Corn! Candy Corn M&Ms, Candy Corn Oreos, Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats, etc.

Now, you might wonder, what do I have against Candy Corn – it’s (1) too sugary and (2) has a waxy texture. Flavorwise – Candy Corn is ok.

Over the weekend, I ventured out to Target and snagged some of new flavored M&Ms and Oreos.

Do either taste like Candy Corn? No and Yes. There is a distinct vanilla taste present in each candy with a marshmallow backnote.  They are okay. Definitely more tolerable to me than Candy Corn. However, I agree with Dallas Observer blogger, Alice Laussade, that Candy Corn: “You taste like pre-digested marshmallows and Sweet Vanilla Shit Meadow Febreze had a flavor baby.”

If I were to rate the M&Ms and Candy Corn Oreos, I think the Oreos are the better taste and have a nice texture.


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