Tragedy in Hollywood

I try not to be ultra serious on this blog because there are enough resources for that side of life. However, Taylor Negron, a character actor that many of us would recognize his face, posted one of the most eloquent eulogies and life summations I have ever read. It’s been plastered all over the news about the murder of a 81-year old woman and the drug-related death of Johnny Lewis. I don’t even want to dignify that young man with the title of actor.  Nonetheless, Taylor brought up something that always irks me about news articles is how they relegate victims to the corner, to be invisible. Sometimes, a journalist will illuminate a person’s life but usually you have to have some prestige or clout.

Catherine’s beloved cat was dismembered before Lewis attacked Catherine and others.

Johnny Lewis murdered another human being. A human being who had a name, a life, and people who loved her. She contributed to the world.

I really encourage you to not let Catherine Davis just be a 81-year old woman that was tragically killed but know her as the wonderful human being she was. Read Taylor Negron’s eulogy of her. I personally feel that when we fail to celebrate the life of good people like this, we forget more about our purpose and connection to one another. And I know she’s not the only one that has been treated like this in the news so this is a shout out to all people whose lives of good doing should be celebrated.

Blessings to all and I will get off the soapbox now.


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